10 empowering quotes from female movie characters


In the history of cinema, women have played a big role. As society has evolved, women in film have evolved from mere props to male characters to be told their own stories. It’s important for women to see movies with female lead characters because representation matters on both a personal and societal level.

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Whether in the form of a literal female superhero like Diana Prince or a stereotypical dumb blonde who turns out to be a smart lawyer, these are movies that make women feel like they can do anything. and these important and inspirational quotes give them the motivation to do this.


Frida Kahlo (Frida)

“At the end of the day, we can endure a lot more than we think.”

Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was a fascinating woman as well as an iconic artist. The film Frida is inspired by her lived story, which was as interesting as the woman herself. From her notorious marriage to Diego Rivera to living most of her life in chronic pain, there’s a lot to learn about the entertainer.

Through her pain, Frida painted until the very end of her life. Although she struggled with her health and with her marriage, she channeled that pain and turned it into art, and this quote reminds the audience that hard times are past and people have come through them.

Aibileen Clark (Aid)

“You are nice. You are smart. You are important.”

The power of positive affirmations has been featured in more and more productivity and lifestyle books. Affirmations are often effective because people absorb everything around them, including words. Being surrounded by loving and positive words is going to have a positive impact on how a person sees themselves.

This is especially true with children, who are just learning to see themselves and the world around them. In UglyAibileen repeats these words to Mae throughout their time together to remind her of this and hopefully leave her with a positive, empowered mindset.

Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)

“Only love can save this world. So I stay, I fight and I give. This is my mission now. Forever.”

Wonder Woman by Gal Gadot in the colors of the bisexual flag

When wonder woman came out, it was a huge success. After an endless list of superhero films that featured women as supporting characters but never focused on them, Diana was one of the first female superheroes to grace the big screen, giving this film action its badass female protagonist.

What’s so special about this Wonder Woman is that they didn’t just give her the stereotypical male strength characteristics. Conversely, she is defined by traits generally considered “feminine.” She is compassionate, gentle, intelligent and believes that love is the force that powers the world. It’s a notion that by giving love, everyone has a bit of a superhero inside of them that empowers women everywhere.

Megara (Hercules)

“I’m a lady. I’m in distress. I can handle it. Have a nice day.”

Megara rests against a tree

Disney films often include the trope of a damsel in distress and a prince who conveniently rescues her. But no Disney Hercules, where Meg takes care of it.

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In this empowering moment, Megara tells the story’s hero that she might be a damsel, that she might be in distress, but she’s more than capable of handling it. This is a powerful reminder for girls and women who watch this anime movie.

Minerva McGonagall (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2)

“Piertotum Locomotor!”

An image of Professor McGonagall casting a spell in Harry Potter

While spending most of Harry Potter as an eccentric but strict teacher, there are scenes that make it clear that McGonagall is a badass. She definitely stands up to all characters, even those with authority, she’s also one of the best duelists in Harry Potterbut is generally loved for being a compassionate and wise mentor to Harry.

This scene takes place during the Last Battle of Hogwarts, and it’s heartbreaking yet powerful at the same time. While it’s sad that this spell had to be used at all, the way she says it and the way she almost laughs afterwards, saying she’s always wanted to use this spell, makes this quote even more special.

Elle Woods (legally blonde)

“You always have to have faith in people. And above all, you always have to have faith in yourself.”

Revenge of a Blonde is a feel-good film that fans never tire of. When Elle’s world seems to crumble when her boyfriend breaks up with her because she’s not smart enough, Elle goes out of her way to prove him wrong.

The best thing about Elle’s journey is that she ultimately only succeeds because she believes in herself. She thinks she’s smart enough to get into Harvard, so she does. She believes that with hard work she can succeed in life, and she does. It’s a powerful lesson for her to learn, and one that audiences will hopefully take with them as a reminder in everyday life.

Dear Horowitz (without a clue)

“You see how picky I am with my shoes – and they only work on my feet!”

In clueless the audience sees Cher navigate through her teenage years. Although she can be a bit clueless at times (pun intended), she has shown to have a good heart and pretty high standards.

And it’s a lesson every girl and woman has to learn at some point. Never settle for less than they deserve. It might be spoken by a teenage girl, but considering the target audience, this quote is empowering for every woman who looks at it, reminding them that having high standards is always a good idea.

Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End)

“And what the enemy will see is the flash of our cannons, he will hear the clash of our swords, and he will know what we can do!”

Elizabeth rallies a group of pirates in Pirates of the Caribbean 3

It was simply an iconic performance and watching means guaranteed chills for everyone. Elizabeth joining the group of pirates who have given up on everything makes sense because, in the face of adversity, it is often the women who have to find a way and move on.

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Watch her go from a real lady in a beautiful dress to the king of the brothers’ court at Pirates of the Caribbeanleading men into battle, reminds every woman and girl that they can do whatever they want.

Jo March (Little Women)

“Women, they have minds, and they have souls, as well as just hearts. And they have ambition, and they have talent, as well as just beauty. I’m so sick of people who say love is just All a woman is fit for.”

Thanks to the brilliant performance of Saoirse Ronan, this speech was an epic adaptation of one of Jo’s best quotes in Little woman. It’s hard to imagine how women must have felt when they were brought up all their lives to believe that getting married well is the only way to succeed in life.

Jo reminds everyone that while marriage is a valid option if that’s what you want, women have so much more to offer, and this speech highlights how frustrating it is to know that the talents of a individual will not be respected simply because they are not a man.

Astrid Leong (Crazy Rich Asians)

“But I just realized it’s not my job to make you feel like a man. I can’t make you something you’re not.”

In boobies rich asian, Astrid learns early in the film that men’s egos are incredibly fragile. She has to hide her successes, her money and her power so that her husband doesn’t feel emasculated because she does better than him.

Even though he’s convinced she’s the cause of their marital problems, in the end Astrid realizes she’s locked in a cage because he can’t handle the quality of her life. So in an epic scene where she leaves him, it’s the perfect thing to say to someone who tried so hard to “feel like a man” and ended up not being one at all.

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