10 Flash Comics The DCEU Should Have Made A Movie Before Flashpoint


Even though The Flash was featured in the DCEU, Barry Allen never had a solo movie. Warner Bros is looking to fix that soon with the next Glow the movie is due out in 2023. The movie is supposed to guest star Supergirl as well as the original Batman movie, Michael Keaton and reference the famous Flash comic book Flashpoint.

RELATED: The 8 Best Things About FlashBut as any Flash fan will explain, Breaking point is probably not where a Flash trilogy should begin. While it’s a great story, it’s not the best entry point into The Flash’s universe. The Flash world and supporting cast existed for years before the events that preceded Breaking point and it would have been great if the movies reflected that.

ten The Flash: The Road To Flashpoint explains what drives Barry to go to the past

Before Breaking point, there were the decisions that led to Barry Allen accidentally resetting DC’s timeline. In the last volume of Glow prior to the event, Geoff Johns reintroduced a version of the Reverse-Flash and revealed a new origin for the character. At the same time, it introduced a new version of Barry Allen from the Multiverse, Hot Pursuit.

In this story, Reverse-Flash reveals a host of new powers, threatening Barry’s friend Patty before battling Hot Pursuit. Despite The Flash’s best efforts, Hot Pursuit is killed and Barry must come to terms with the fact that Thawne always won when it mattered. This leads Barry to time travel to create the Flashpoint.

9 Showcase No. 4 is the origin of the original flash

Skipping superhero origins in movies is the new norm. The MCU’s Version Of Spider-Man Didn’t Bother To Show Peter Parker’s Origin, And Neither The Batman. But what these two characters have in common is that they’ve been in movies multiple times in the past. They don’t need an origin story, because the fans know who they are.

The Flash origin story gives fans the basic version of The Flash, but it also gives an idea of ​​who Barry Allen is. And before anyone says anything about Reverse-Flash and Breaking pointpeople need to know who Barry Allen is.

8 Flash: Rogues Revolution challenges Barry with an army of Flash Rogues

Writers are still obsessed with all the super-fast villains in the Flash universe. Reverse-Flash and Zoom attract so much attention. But Barry also has a pretty cool set of villains in The Rogues.

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Unlike the villains Batman and Superman face, this is a group of enemies who band together to take on the Flash. thieves revolution features a version of the Rogues teaming up for the first time to take down the Flash. But unlike most versions of the Rogues, the members of this team all have their own superpowers, raising the stakes higher than ever.

seven Flash: The human race launches a flash in an eternal race to save the Earth

Leave it to Grant Morrison to come up with an idea that’s both timeless and fresh out of the Silver Age. Flash is challenged by aliens betting on speedsters to see who can win in a race. A loss equals death, not only for the runners but for their worlds.

Flash must find a way to save not only his planet, but also his adversary’s homeworld, populated by aliens made entirely of radio waves. It’s a three-issue arc that features the Flash being both the fastest to be alive and show how smart he can be when needed.

6 The Flash: Move Forward shows Barry Allen mastering the Speed ​​Force

Amazingly, The Flash has one of the most accessible comics straight out of the New 52 time. Even though the Flash family is a necessary part of Flash comics, Advance strips Barry Allen down to the essentials.

Front flash is not an origin story, just a great introduction to the fastest man alive. It also explains how Barry harnesses the Speed ​​Force to gain new powers, an important idea in a film introducing fans to the Flash and his powers.

5 The Flash: Lightning Strikes Twice Places Barry Against New Speedster Villain Godspeed

During the DCs Renaissance, The Flash managed to generate another great entry point comic as everything else grew more complex. In this story, Flash has to face the threat of Black Hole, a scientific organization that wants to control the Speed ​​Force.

The Black Hole experiment gives a group of people in Central City temporary superspeed and also creates a new villain: Godspeed. One of the few villains with super-speed not named Zoom, Godspeed is special in that he can be in two places at once and was one of Barry’s closest friends. He’s the perfect villain for an intro movie.

4 The Flash: Rogue War Places Flash between two opposing rogue armies

rogue war could actually be too a lot for a movie, but it’s still one of the most epic Flash stories. Although it was originally a Wally West story, it wouldn’t be too difficult to adapt it to focus on Barry Allen instead. The key to the story involves Captain Cold getting fed up with the Rogues who split off from the gang and tried to create their own team.

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This leads to a war across Keystone City, with the Flash caught in the middle. People often downplay Rogues considering Flash’s speed, but rogue war is different. It puts the Fastest Man Alive at the center of two factions that both have special technology that can cause a lot of trouble for Flash, Central City, and each other.

3 Flash: Year 1 focuses on the early days of Flash

It looks like someone might have found a new origin for the Flash by Renaissance but sometimes it takes time. DC’s popular “Year One” series still serves as a great introduction to its characters, their supporting cast, and some of their villains.

In Flash: first year the focus is on Flash versus one of his oldest villains, The Turtle. This tale has everything needed in an opening Flash movie. It has Flash making his costume for the first time, introduces fans to the concept of speed-based time travel, and has a budding romance between Barry and Iris.

2 The Flash of Two Worlds introduces the concept of the Multiverse

“The Flash of Two Worlds” is a classic Flash story. It features the Flash on an average day showing off his powers to some children, only to accidentally vibrate to another Earth. There he meets the Flash he read as a child, Jay Garrick.

Although Jay has retired, a series of crimes committed by Jay’s thieves bring him out of retirement and put them back in prison. In the end, Barry convinced Jay to resume his superhero career before returning to his own world. A modernized version of “The Flash of Two Worlds” could show just how weird and fun the DCEU can be.

1 Flash: Born To Run develops Barry and Wally as a team

by Mark Waid Glow run was instrumental in the development of Wally West as a character. But it also gave Barry Allen the respect he deserves, starting with born to run. This storyline introduced Wally West and showed his journey from a normal kid to the world’s fastest teenager.

While it might seem early to introduce Kid Flash to the DCEU, the Flash family deserves to be a part of larger pop culture. They existed long before anyone had ever heard of them. Breaking point. It also gives DC a way to start creating DC Universe sidekicks to other potential movies.

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