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It takes hundreds of people to make a movie, but out of all those people, the movie director is the driving vision behind the project. Sometimes they write the script, other times they follow one written by someone else, but nothing comes to the screen without their input.

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These are the exact qualities that are also required to create a video game. Although most directors are content to make movies, there are several visionary or unique voices in the director’s chair who should be thinking about entering the world of video games and doing something big in this field as well.


Michael Bay

Michael Bay says he's destroyed the most vehicles of any filmmaker

Throughout his nearly three decades as a director, Michael Bay has evolved into a filmmaker whose approach to style over substance is easy for moviegoers to hate. However, the new version Ambulance is one of Bay’s finest films; it seems that he has found new bases as a director.

On top of that, Bay’s flashy style would be perfect for an action game, where the story can take a back seat as long as the experience is exciting for the players. That’s not to say there shouldn’t be a story in this hypothetical game, but if Bay is directing, the focus will likely be elsewhere, which is why it would be perfect for the action.

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino in Desperado.

Quentin Tarantino indeed has a credit on a video game: it is played in Director’s chair by Steven Spielberg (1996), and also starred in the game’s short as a prisoner on death row. However, he never created a video game.

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With his incredible ear for dialogue and unmistakable directing style, Tarantino could deliver a gaming experience fans will never forget. His novelization of Once upon a time in Hollywood represents an attempt to branch out into other media, and it should look at video games as another hill to climb.

Jordan Pele

Horror is one of the most popular game genres, and Jordan Peele has proven through both get out and We that he is a master of the genre. That’s why fan theories about his new movie, Nope, are so widespread; everyone is eagerly awaiting their next movie.

So once Jordan Peele comes out Nope, he should consider venturing into the realm of horror games. Perhaps he could make an entry into the resident Evil or silent Hill series, although an original game would also be welcome from the director. get out, his first feature, knocked him out of the park. There’s no reason to think he can’t do the same with a game.

Chloe Zhao

Although Eternals (2021) may not have been incredibly well received by critics, it’s hard to deny how gorgeous the movie is, and it’s all down to Chloe Zhao, best known outside of that for the winner of the best film nomadland (2020).

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With video game technology improving every year, Zhao’s skills are well suited to a game with stunning visuals that deserve constant screenshots. While his acting could certainly be action-oriented, more intimate drama backed by his direction could be just as impressive.

james cameron

James Cameron Master Class

Until Avengers: Endgame happened, James Cameron had directed the two highest-grossing films of all time, Avatar and Titanic. Both movies are defined by their wide cast of characters and epic scope, but Avatar was revolutionary in its visual effects; that’s why Cameron had to wait a decade to do it.

Although it looks like he will be busy over the next decade with the Avatar sequels, it still definitely has the chops to make a video game, which would definitely be better than the video game adaptation of the 2009 movie. Here’s hoping for the next Avatar: Pandora’s Borders the game is good, at least.

David Fincher

David Fincher’s career is defined by his psychological thrillers, with many disturbing scenes in Fincher’s films. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) and The social network (2010), however, are an exception to the trend, but the trend is still there.

Fincher’s directing pedigree makes him an ideal candidate for a detective/mystery play or a thriller. A game in the mold of Heavy rainor even Netflix’s interactive movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatchwould be right up its alley, and would also attract a lot of people who don’t normally play games.

Alfonso Cuarón

The first two Harry Potter the films bear the distinct mark of director Chris Columbus, and while fun, had the series continued on this path, it would have become stale. The direction of Alfonso Cuarón on prisoner of azkaban changed movies forever, and its later Gravity and Rome were also two of the best films of the 2010s.

All this to say that Cuarón is one of the greatest and most innovative directors in Hollywood today, and any video game project he tackles would benefit from his influence, thanks to his versatility. He also has to bring along his cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki – who won best cinematography at the Oscars three years in a row.

george miller

DirectorGeorge Miller

Behind Steven Spielberg, George Miller is perhaps the most diverse director of all time, directing both family films (baby and happy feet) as well as R-rated action movies (the four madmax movies), but he is not known as Spielberg.

Miller’s production company, Kennedy Miller Mitchell, actually bought the rights to do the The black followed with hopes of expanding into games, although the project was eventually cancelled. If they ever decide to try to recreate a game, Miller should definitely be involved.

Denis Villeneuve

Denis Villeneuve’s work on Dunes (2021) was simply breathtaking, but with Arrival (2016) and Blade Runner 2049 (2017) having come before, it’s no surprise that it managed to do so in such an amazing way.

Like many directors who could make a great game, it’s his visionary nature that makes the idea so appealing. Villeneuve’s sci-fi experience could produce incredible planets and alien species, while his thriller work could produce top-notch detective play. The prospect of one or more of these is exciting. Dunes 2 can wait, but so can the players.

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan, more than any other director, has to put his hat in the video game arena at least once. His films have redefined cinema, he is one of the most visionary directors in business, and is perhaps the only one who can obtain 100 million dollars to finance a passion project like Creation.

Speaking of Creation for EONolan expressed interest in 2010 in creating a video game based on the film, calling video games “something [he’s] wanted to explore,” but it never went anywhere. Fans everywhere can only hope that Nolan will eventually give it a shot.

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