10 Musicians Whose Fans Want To See A Movie, According To Reddit


The king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, is preparing a film, aptly titled Elvis, which will be released at the end of next month. It will see Presley’s name added to the growing list of musicians to have a film telling their story.

As the list continues to grow, fans of other artists are begging to see their favorites on the big screen. Some fans even go so far as to suggest who should play the artist or what the movie should be called. From rock bands to jazz singers, these are the musicians Reddit users want to see a movie about.

Billy Joel

Billy Joel

A very well-known gem that would fit in perfectly with others who got a movie is “Billy Joel – The Piano Man,” according to Queen-Monster. Seeing the story of an artist inspired by bands like the Beatles and Elvis would make a great movie, not to mention that Joel’s own music is classic and loved by many.


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Next year would be the perfect time to announce a movie for Billy Joel, as 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the release of his song “Piano Man.” While that probably won’t happen, an announcement this year and a release date on the song’s anniversary would be solid marketing for Billy Joel fans.

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin poses in front of a plane

Appearing in the late 60s, Led Zeppelin changed the course of rock and roll. The London band are still as popular, if not more so, than they were when they started performing. With iconic songs like “Immigrant Song” and “Stairway to Heaven”, they paved the way for the genre with their music.

Even though they broke up in the 80s, their music continued to thrive. Jamesspierce1989 wants the movie to be called “Song of Immigrants – The Led Zeppelin Story”, which would be incredibly fitting. A movie about success, heartbreak, a breakup, and the continued love for an ostracized band would make a great movie. Their style and music is similar to that portrayed in many of the best movies for rock music fans.

Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald

Rock and roll bands and artists have dominated the screen with their movies for the past few years. A nice change of pace would be jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald. As for who should play her, a deleted Reddit user said, “…someone who’s a singer, not just an actress, and preferably someone new.”

A movie about the “Queen of Jazz” would be a great segway to introduce other jazz artists of the time like Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday. Fitzgerald, as well as many old Hollywood stars deserve a biopic. Jazz music itself has a great story to tell. Between musical genre, period and outstanding artist, there is no doubt that a film about Ella Fitzgerald would do well.

Rage against the machine

Rage against the machine

For a little over thirty years now, Rage Against the Machine has been one of rock’s finest bands. Their songs like “Killing in the Name” and “Bulls on Parade” are some of their most popular songs and can be found used in movies, and even appear in Guitar Hero games. The unique sound and loud sound make them unforgettable.

While a movie about them would be great, SkyWest1218 makes a good point saying, “I would really love to see one on Rage Against the Machine, but given how private Zach de la Rocha is, I’m expecting have a second head first.” Rocha is a private person, which could make it difficult to obtain the rights to the music. The band could be great for a movie because it would have a lot of moving parts from great rock music to the strong political views they often expressed in their songs.


Metallica band members

Heavy metal music may not be for everyone, but the genre’s fan base is huge, and most fans of this type of music are not only familiar with but love the band Metallica. While the whole band amply deserves a movie, bandras97 thinks it should focus primarily on frontman James Hetfield and said, “The title should be ‘The Unforgiven’.”

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The difficult part of making a film about this band would be to speak to all the people who left and the new members of the band, while making sure to capture the essence of the band. Metallica was, and still is, an incredibly influential band and heavy metal would be something new to tackle, but with the right directors, this movie could show just how awesome and unique this underrated genre is.

Phil Collins

Phil Collins

A movie about Phil Collins would have the potential to be incredibly dynamic. His time with Genesis and his drumming career are well known and some track record of the Tarzan The soundtrack would be a much appreciated addition to the film as it is one of the soundtracks it is best known for.

One of the hardest parts of making a movie about an artist is casting it properly, but Animeking1108 said “Tom Hiddleston as Phil Collins” would be perfect. Obviously that would be young Phil, but the Reddit user might be onto something.

david bowie

David Bowie singing

David Bowie’s music, style and bold looks helped him stand out even more from other rock and pop artists of his time. Not that he needed any extra help to stand out, because his music was already unique enough and awesome enough that fans loved him for the sound alone.

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He is one of the artists that fans have been hoping to make a movie about for a while now. Alphadragon601 said: “I heard a plan to make a David Bowie movie was in the works, but Bowie’s estate disagreed with the song choices and didn’t give consent. for the use of his music.” While there may have been some disputes, there is still hope of getting a movie about this beloved artist in the future.

James Taylor

James Taylor playing guitar and singing

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer James Taylor has come a long way as he made his way through the music industry. Although his entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was controversial like some other artists and bands, he had many other ups and downs in his career. His soft and singsong voice, combined with his talents as a guitarist, made him famous.

As his story has many layers, fitting his entire career into one movie can be difficult, but fans are crying out for a movie about him. Lsmountain said he thinks naming it “Fire and Rain: The James Taylor story” would be the best title because it’s in honor of his most famous songs.

pearl jam

Many rock bands from the 80s and 90s are still very popular today, and there are even many movies about rock bands. The amount that is still together is much smaller, but one of them is Pearl Jam. Ashley12773 is one of the many fans who replied “Pearl Jam!” when asked which band they want to see a film from. The band may be over thirty years old, but their fan base is still going strong.

The softer sound of the rock band makes them unique and appealing to a wide audience. They’re even currently on tour, and since the band is still together, it leaves room for the band members to perform in the film themselves.


Gorillaz Group

A group that would make a very interesting movie would be the Gorillaz. Since their core is based on four animated characters, it would most likely be an animated film as opposed to live-action. When discussing content, Redole said he was looking for a film that “explains the stories of all the characters in Gorillaz”.

Each of the four characters – 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and Russel – seem to have a unique personality, and that’s what makes the band so notable and beloved. There have been rumors that Netflix is ​​working with the group’s co-creator and artist, Jamie Hewitt, to make a movie, as reported Colliderbut there are not too many details yet.

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