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Back in 1997, no one could have predicted that the crudely animated adult cartoon by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park, is said to be a multi-billion dollar property with over 300 episodes under its belt. South Park turned out to be one of the cleverest satires on television and a triumph for adult animated comedies. South Park continues to evolve in fascinating ways, but one of the show’s biggest moments was the release of its feature film, South Park: bigger, longer and uncut back in 1999.

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the South Park movie was a huge topic of controversy when it was released, which only better fits the franchise’s unusual history. South Park is now in the middle of its 25th season, but Bigger, longer and uncut Still holds up two decades later and is full of interesting anecdotes.

ten This was supposed to end the series

Animation South Park Film American-Canadian War

It’s almost impossible to understand South Park ending after its second season, especially since it doesn’t really find its voice until seasons later, but that was what was originally intended with the show. Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s initial contract for South Park was for two seasons and a feature film. Of course, the show’s resounding success soon led to the commissioning of a third season, and beyond. Parker and Stone at one point saw the South Park movie as a fitting and grand way to wrap up the series, which is part of why it has such a big ending that’s full of closure.

9 It is intended as a satire of the MPAA and censorship

South Park Movie

South Park has become one of the smartest satires on television, and it’s now only fitting that absurd plotlines are actually clever metaphors for larger issues. South Park is considerably more juvenile in its first two seasons that precede the feature film. South Park The film is one of the earliest and strongest examples of layered satire. South Park: bigger, longer and uncut the story speaks directly inappropriate censorship of films and its effect on audiences, which Parker and Stone grappled with repeated attempts by the MPAA to give their film an NC-17 rating. Movies Terrance and Philip the film becomes a substitute for South Park movie.

8 It’s a passionate love letter to musicals

Movies South Park Bigger Longer Uncut Resistance Movie

The monumental success of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s musical on Broadway, The Book of Mormon, received solidified their status as modern music writers. Lavish musical parodies run rampant everywhere South Park and this obsession with musical theater is even present in the earlier creative endeavors of Parker and Stone, such as Cannibal! : Musical comedy.

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Parker and Stone have never hidden this love, but the South Park film really puts this passion in the spotlight. Bigger, longer and uncut love pamphlets Wretched and Disney musicals, but Parker and Stone even enlisted Broadway talent Marc Shaiman to contribute songs to their movie.

7 The title of the film is a dirty double entry

South Park never struggled to push boundaries in a way that was simultaneously subtle as well as in the face of the audience. The series has also become very adept at turning obstacles into creative goldmines. The original title of South Park the movie was Hell breaks loose, due to the plot of the movie where Satan makes war on Earth. The MPAA was not comfortable with “Hell” being in the film’s title and so Parker and Stone were forced to change it. their resolution, South Park: bigger, longer and uncut, was approved, but in many ways it manages to be even more inappropriate than their original title.

6 Robin Williams performed the film’s Oscar-nominated song at the Oscars

Animation South Park Movie Blame Canada Song

South Park: bigger, longer and uncut was not only a critical and box office success, but also made waves at the Oscars thanks to his nomination for Best Original Song for “Blame Canada”. The Oscars have an entertaining tradition when it comes to the performances of these nominees. South Park is an animated film, which means that none of its characters could play the number in real life. In place, South Park pivoted to an extremely high performance by Robin Williams at the Oscars, which is such a satisfying combination of contrasting comedic talents.

5 The film has its own Guinness World Record

Animated South Park Film by Terrance and Phillip

South Park is no stranger to controversy and headlines, so it’s only natural that the first feature in the series would go broke in this category. South Park: bigger, longer and uncut is obsessed with censorship and profanity, which the film does so well that it won a Guinness World Record in 2001 for “The most swear words in an animated film”.

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Bigger, longer and uncut has a grand total of 399 uses of profanity, including 139 uses of the f-word, as well as 128 offensive gestures and 221 acts of lewd violence.

4 Kenny McCormick is voiced by Mike Judge of Beavis and Butt-Head

Animated film South Park Kenny unmasked

South Park has a slew of running jokes that have grown over its hundreds of episodes. South Park always embraces the humor behind the idea that Kenny McCormick’s voice is muffled 99% of the time and only his friends can understand him. The end of Bigger, longer and uncut unmasks Kenny and the audience gets to hear his voice clearly for the first time. South Park enlists Mike Judge to voice Kenny. It’s only a few lines long, but it’s a sweet way for Parker and Stone to pay homage to another titan and major influence in the adult animation industry.

3 Its expanded soundtrack includes Violent Femmes, Kid Rock, and more.

Animation South Park Movie Satan Up Song

South Park: bigger, longer and uncut is a musical, so a robust soundtrack release is no surprise. However, there are plenty of additional gold nuggets that are purely contained within the deluxe album of 20 tracks from the film. This expanded soundtrack features all of the film’s music, but there are also several alternate renditions that are performed by some of the greatest performing artists of the time. Michael McDonald, Violent Femmes, Geddy Lee, Kid Rock and Joe C. are just a few of the musicians contributing to the whimsical package.

2 There was almost a sequel

Butters fleeing from various fictional characters in the movie South Park: Imaginationland

South Park has been around for over two decades, but they’ve worked very hard to maintain a consistent level of quality and not just crank out more content just for the sake of it. There was interest in subsequent South Park moviesbut Parker and Stone were reluctant to find a story sufficiently worthy of this honor. South Park Season 11’s ‘Imaginationland Trilogy’ was originally conceived as the second South Park feature film. This plan has gradually changed, but there is an additional level of quality that is present in these episodes. Recently, more than a dozen South Park movies have been announced for Paramount+.

1 It Was The Highest-Grossing R-Rated Animated Film For Nearly 20 Years

Animation South Park Movie War Chaos

Box office expectations have completely changed since the 90s, and now the most successful feature films are those that are multi-billion dollar properties and part of larger connected universes. It is therefore all the more impressive that South Park held the title of highest-grossing R-rated animated film for over two decades. Bigger, longer and uncut earned over $83 million worldwide on a $21 million budget. South Park was finally beaten by 2016 sausage party, which grossed nearly $141 million worldwide. Allowed, R-rated animated films are rare, but South Park is still among the top performers.

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