10 Things You Didn’t Know About WWE’s The Marine Movie Franchise


Anyone who watched the WWE during the era of ruthless aggression remembered the trailers of Marine. It was one of the most promoted WWE films of all time starring one of the biggest names at the time, John Cena. The film would spawn five sequels, each with varying levels of success, and the entire franchise became a WWE trademark, like the spinner belt or a chair shot.

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Although the series sometimes feels like an endless loop of The Miz in a straight-to-DVD movie, there are many interesting aspects to Marine franchise that many fans still don’t know about to this day. This list will look at 10 interesting things fans should know about WWE Studio’s film franchise, Marine.


ten Many other wrestlers were believed to be early sailors

The film that launched the franchise was originally written for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. He left the company in 2004 and Kurt Angle was next in line for the role. When the feature film started shooting,

Vince McMahon gave the role to John Cena instead of Angle, because since he offered the role to Cena, Cena had become the new face of the WWE Universe.

9 CM Punk was too big a star for The Marine 3

The cast of the Miz in The Marine 3: Home Front seemingly out of nowhere as there were plenty of WWE stars who seemed fit to play a role similar to John Cena. Apparently, CM Punk was originally set to star in the third episode of Marine but was replaced by The Miz.

Punk was the biggest star in all of WWE at the time and was replaced by The Miz because McMahon felt he couldn’t afford to take Punk off television to shoot the film.

8 A real sailor never starred

When John Cena promoted Marine, one of the most common questions he was asked was “did you serve in the Marines?” There have been many current and former WWE stars who were in the military, Montez Ford, Kevin Nash and Lacey Evans to name a few. John Cena did not enter the service and none of the main actors of the Marine franchise.

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Randy Orton is the only former Marine to have almost played the role. He was chosen as the leader of The sailor 2 but had to decline due to a collarbone injury.

seven Navy wasn’t the last time Robert Patrick and John Cena acted together

The production value of the first film far exceeds the sequels, as it was theatrically released. Robert Patrick is one of the biggest actors to ever come into the franchise thanks to a bigger budget.

He was the main antagonist facing Cena and never returned for a sequel. He and John Cena recently worked together again on the Peacemaker series on HBO Max. Cena plays the main role of Peacemakerwhile Patrick is the racist supervillain father of Cena’s character.

6 The Miz is the only WWE wrestler to star in more than one seafaring film

Three WWE wrestlers have starred in Marine franchise, John Cena, The Miz and Ted DiBiase Jr. The Marine 3: Home Front was the first film to feature The Miz in a lead role, and he was the lead actor in the rest of the franchise.

Neither Cena nor Ted DiBiase Jr. made an appearance in a Marine after. No other WWE wrestler has even appeared in more than one movie in the franchise other than Miz.

5 The first film was not a theatrical success

Although Marine was heavily promoted and featured WWE’s biggest star, it underperformed in theaters. Many assume, because he made $22.2 million against his $15 million budget, that he did well, but with the cost of promotion included, he probably lost by the money for the company when it hits theaters.

The home video release was much more successful with $30 million and surpassing its box office take. The film likely played a part in WWE’s move away from theatrical video releases towards home video releases.

4 Summer Rae was the first WWE Diva to appear in a WWE film

The Marine 4: Moving Target, starring The Miz, was the first WWE film to feature a WWE Diva. Considering the roster was filled with huge stars like Lita, Mickie James, and Trish Stratus, it’s shocking that no female WWE wrestler has ever appeared in a WWE movie.

Summer Rae took a huge leap forward for the company when she starred alongside Miz in The Marine 4: Moving Target. Since the release of The sailor 4many WWE women have appeared in WWE films, including Naomi, Paige, and Maryse.

3 The Marine is WWE’s first film franchise

With two Sentenced movies and three 12 rounds movies, franchises have become commonplace for WWE movies. Marine was the first film to have a sequel and spawn a franchise. Marine also has more movie installments than any other WWE franchise with six.

There are no sequels in sight as of this writing, so chances are the franchise will stick to six movies.

2 Ted DiBiase Jr. has never acted in another movie

Ted DiBiase Jr. replaced Randy Orton and starred as The sailor 2. He wasn’t a star even remotely near the level of Cena or Orton and The sailor 2 was also his first film.

The movie didn’t lead to a huge acting career for DiBiase Jr. and he still hasn’t appeared in another movie since. In fact, he left the world of professional wrestling altogether.

1 Marine films have several ratings

Although the first Marine the film has a PG-13 rating, the other five films are all rated R. The theatrical release of Marine likely earned a PG-13 rating, so it might appeal to a larger box office market.

As the films became direct-to-DVD productions, they allowed for more adult language and violence even as WWE became a more family-friendly product.


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