4K Ultra HD Movie Review “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent”


Quirky pop culture legend Nicolas Cage presents the explosive and lively embodiment of his fictional self in the action-comedy The unbearable weight of massive talent (Lionsgate Home Entertainment, R-rated, 2.39:1 aspect ratio, 107 mins, $42.99)now available in ultra-high definition disc format.

Written and directed by Tom Gormican, the story finds the slightly maniacal and unlucky actor (kinda true at the moment) losing a role of his life and accepting a lucrative cash grab involving an appearance at a birthday party. billionaire super fan celebrates (Pedro Pascal).

His new fan friend also happens to be accused of leading an international arms cartel and wanted by the CIA. Mr. Cage is recruited to infiltrate his organization, stay after the party, and also help rescue a young girl kidnapped by the supposed boss.

Let the car chases, firefights and high jinks begin.

Mr. Cage takes a hilarious, introspective look at himself and obviously has a sense of humor about his character. His performance is highlighted by occasionally talking to an imaginary version of his aggressive young self, nicknamed Nicky (from his “Wild at Heart” days).

Mr. Pascal is equally hilarious as his evolving friendship with Mr. Cage turns the first half of the film into a silly bromance before the action begins.

The director isn’t kidding either but is embracing the actor’s career, with love, offering snippets from his catalog and Easter eggs for the most ardent Mr. Cage fans.

UHD presentation draws its source from a 4K master and provides a crisp, detailed presentation, though it never requires a vivid or saturated presence. The visual effort shines when admiring the super fan’s Spanish beachfront estate and surrounding lush terrain.

Best extras: An optional commentary track with Mr. Gormican and co-writer Kevin Ettan leads the way but sorely misses the presence of Mr. Cage.

Come on, throw some money at the actor to make it worth it to attend and discuss a movie that’s literally a tribute to his film career.

Still, they offer low-key and sometimes sporadic discussion, often commenting on a scene and covering the script, cast, crew, and overall production.

The quirks include the movie kicking off with a scene from someone else’s movie (“Con Air” to be precise); the director catches COVID-19; Mr. Cage’s character motivations (also as Nicky); trying to get Mr. Cage to sing “November Rain” from Guns n’ Roses; and Mr. Pascal actually being a big fan of Mr. Cage.

Then, seven extras (about 30 minutes in total) cover story origins and production basics, including creating the action scenes, a look at the character of Mr. Pascal, and Mr. Cage explaining the story. origin of his fondness for Nicky as well as the magic of sharing the couple. the screen.

Best of the bunch is a 15-minute panel discussion at SXSW 2022 in Austin with the director, writers and cast, including Mr. Cage, which also includes questions from the audience.

Additionally, viewers get a stunning deleted scene in which Mr. Cage and his alter ego fight on the sets of his previous films and in a German Expressionist style that pays homage to “Dr. Caligari’s Cabinet.”

The director explained in the optional commentary track that the studio decided to cut the scene because it would be too much for general audiences to handle. What a bunch of nonsense, Lionsgate brass.


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