5 Ways Encanto Is Disney’s Best Movie (And 5 It’s Not)


Disney’s latest hit, Encanto premiered on Disney+ two months ago, but fans can’t get enough of it. His music is going viral, his characters continue to gain fans, and he continues to receive award nominations. The general opinion considers Encanto one of Disney’s best movies, while some believe the movie is actually Disney’s best movie yet.

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However, many others think he has too many flaws for such a high honor. Whether it’s due to its plot or character development, many Disney fans certainly don’t think highly of it. Encanto. Of course, both sides have very valid points to their credit. In all cases, EncantoThe undeniable success of is hardly overshadowed by its many detractors.

ten This is not the case: many characters could have been better explored

Mirabel Madrigal, Encanto, is interesting enough to build a story around it. However, since Encanto follows an entire family, the film features several other equally entertaining characters who unfortunately didn’t get enough screen time.

For example, his cousin Camilo is only introduced as the family’s prankster, but since he’s also a 15-year-old boy, it’s hard to believe he’s not going through a journey of self-discovery himself. Many fans have also expressed their desire to know more about Bruno’s early life. Surely a Encanto prequel based on Bruno would be very successful. Hopefully Disney will respond to this request.

9 It is: Mirabel is not a typical Disney hero

Unlike many other female Disney stars, Mirabel is not a damsel in distress. Instead, she’s a smart and resourceful girl. Plus, he’s a relatable character whose struggle is rooted in his own insecurities and relationships with his family, which speaks to many in the audience.

Certainly, Mirabel is not the first independent protagonist of Disney. Before her, others like Elsa and Moana paved the way. Be that as it may, Mirabel’s journey is particularly selfless because she has no magical gift. In a way, she’s just an ordinary girl trying her best, which is a refreshing take on a Disney hero.

8 It doesn’t: it doesn’t explain a lot of important things about magic

miracle candle burning in encanto

Encanto is a beautiful story full of heartwarming moments as well as many exciting characters, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t fully explore the magic behind its universe. Of course, that’s not the purpose of the film. However, it’s still a little disappointing that there’s hardly any explanation for a lot of things.

For example, the film never explains why Casita is a sentient being. Many theories point to Casita being Abuela’s gift however, the film also does not delve into Alma’s gift. Another question highlights the fact that only the Madrigals have magic, while Pedro’s sacrifice saved the whole village. Like these, many other questions remain unanswered.

7 It is: his depth has inspired many fan theories

The mountains surrounding Encanto

Encanto works on several levels. It’s an epic adventure full of magic and superpowered people. Yet it is also a gigantic metaphor for mental illness and how it affects familiar dynamics while serving as a platform to showcase Colombian culture. For this reason, the film is full of meaning.

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Ever since the movie premiered, fans have flooded the internet with theories about everything. For example, many of them try to shed some light on the gift of Abuela Alma and Mirabel because they are both powerless humans with an obvious responsibility to their family magic.

6 Not so: Abuela was redeemed too easily

Encanto doesn’t have a villain, but from the start of the story, it’s apparent that Abuela Alma is up against Mirabel, desperate to protect her reputation in front of the whole town. As she loves her family, she would never hurt them of her own free will, but her own trauma leads her to complicate their lives, especially in Mirabel, ostracized by her lack of magic.

Fortunately, with the help of Mirabel, Abuela Alma understands that there are healthier ways. However, her granddaughter forgives and forgets far too soon, given that she has resented Abuela’s attitude for about 10 years. Not only does Abuela get off too easily with Mirabel, but she never even tries to make amends with her other relatives.

5 It is: It contains some of the most successful Disney songs of all time

Camilo impersonates Bruno during 'We Don't Talk About Bruno' Encanto

One of the reasons Encanto has been stuck in everyone’s mind since its inception is its music. The film features eight catchy songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda (hamilton) and a beautiful original score by Germaine Franco. While not all of the songs have gone viral, the ones that have are currently breaking records.

In February 2022, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” became the first Disney song of the century to reach the top position on the US Billboard Hot 100, and it broke the record for longest reigning chart. Additionally, it spent several weeks at number one in half a dozen countries. Another song, “Dos Oruguitas”, is currently in the running for the Oscar for best song. This ballad is only the second Spanish song ever nominated for this award.

4 It’s not: sometimes he felt rushed

Bruno and Mirabel stand together and watch

One of the biggest Encanto critical is its fast pace. Although it’s less than two hours long, the film covers a lot of different topics and features at least half a dozen characters. So, of course, its plot feels rushed, especially at the end of the film.

Not only did Abuela Alma’s redemption happen too quickly, but Bruno’s return to the family and Casita’s arrangement happened in less than 5 minutes. Additionally, many sub-plots were left hanging. Given this, many fans believe Encanto would have been a much better series than a movie.

3 It is: It spreads the Colombian culture in the world

Antonio in front of his door with some animals

Probably the most important thing about Encanto is that it’s a step towards proper representation of Latinx at Disney. The same way as coconut emphasizes Mexican culture, Encanto showcases Colombian culture for the world to understand and appreciate.

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The Madrigals are a typical Colombian family, full of people of different colors which shows that not all Latinx are alike. The film has several references to Colombian culture, such as the characters’ clothing and even the musical genres used in its songs. In addition, Antonio’s animals and Isabela’s plants are examples of Colombian flora and fauna.

2 This is not the case: there are holes in the plot

Dolores holds a hand to her ear

Very few movies in history have managed not to have at least one plot hole. Unfortunately, Encanto is not one. Although the film delivers a well-crafted story, there are some inconsistencies. The creators have explored some of them, but others are impossible to explain, such as the controversy surrounding Dolores becoming aware of Bruno’s presence in the house.

After Bruno appears at the end of the film, Dolores comments that she could always hear him, but the film never explains why she didn’t bother to tell anyone before. It doesn’t make sense that she kept this secret for so many years, especially since she’s nearly unable to keep Mirabel’s secrets safe throughout the film.

1 It is: it tackles serious problems in a light way

Mirabel sings about how she feels like an outsider as her family celebrates without her

Encanto is a fantasy adventure full of magic, but it’s also a story of self-acceptance that tackles several serious topics, such as toxic family dynamics, transgenerational trauma, and mental illness. Most of his characters deal with related issues, such as fear of failure, familiar expectations and unresolved grief.

These topics can be heartbreaking to explore, but Encanto approaches them in a way full of hope and inspiration. Many fans agree that the film helped them reflect on their own struggles without stopping them from having a good time watching the film.

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