8 Things The Movie Got Right About Selina Kyle


Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the film. The Batman and mentions violence and suicide.

The highly anticipated blockbuster The Batman finally hit theaters on March 4, 2022 after fans waited two delays since the original release was scheduled for June 2021. As fans continue to show up for a successful second weekend, others are eagerly awaiting its release. HBO Max on April 19. Overall, Matt Reeves’ gritty film is well received.

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As Batman’s first solo film since The dark knight rises in 2012, it’s exciting to see new takes on characters that comic book and movie fanatics know and love. Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, stands out both for her excellent performances and for being Selina’s most screen-accurate portrayal to date.


Iconic Catwoman Weapons

the batman catwoman relationship

Selina Kyle is known for using a whip and having some type of cat claws which have been portrayed differently in several television and film adaptations. She most likely uses a whip due to how highly skilled you need to be to properly control one. Of course, having a certain type of claw only makes sense with its name.

In The Batman, Catwoman fans can see Selina Kyle wielding a whip once for the first time since Gotham and the first time in a movie since the Halle Berry movie. The general response from moviegoers seems to be that they would have liked to see even more. As for her claws, Zoë’s Selena Kyle has a more realistic approach with sharp fingernail pressure at the end, but they do damage.

Catwoman Appearance

Catwoman with tied up officer Kenzie behind her

Fans of some of the Batman comics who The Batman clips from “Year One”, “The Long Halloween” and “Zero Year” will expect to see Catwoman in classic black with pointy ears, and Selina Kyle with short hair and sometimes wearing leather, long boots and corsets.

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The film features Selina’s perfect haircut and her wardrobe looks on point, even down to the details of her belt. At one point, Batman even recognizes her from her long boots. His signature style stands out. While his mask isn’t as pronounced as some people prefer, he definitely has cat ears like the comics.

Selina Kyle’s job in a nightclub

Batman catwoman 2 final trailer

Selina Kyle always seems closely tied to nightclubs in some form or fashion in the comics. Whether she works there or has connections there, it is a place frequently linked to her character. In some stories, she ran an escort service or was a high-ranking escort.

Although she is not an escort in The Batman, she is well-connected to the Iceberg Lounge nightclub, which is straight out of the comics and connected to the Penguin’s operations. In the film, it’s clear that this is a hangout that leans towards the seedy and corrupt side, where people like crime bosses and city officials are going to get away with something. .

Catwoman Abilities

Batman's Catwoman

In the comics, Selina Kyle is known for being a cat burglar and having acrobatic abilities. She started out pickpocketing and being a petty thief, then later was inspired by Batman to work nights – and that’s when she became a cat burglar, arranging by much of the burglary and robbing people like Gotham’s mob bosses.

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While The Batman doesn’t dive too far into a cat heist, it’s very clear in the film that Selina Kyle has the same skills. At one point, she is seen cracking safely and her skill following and alluding to her comic origin. Additionally, his fight scenes showcase acrobatic skills in his fighting style.

Selina Kyle’s relationship with Bruce Wayne

Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle Catwoman and Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne Batman in The Batman

Bruce and Selina’s relationship has been explored many times before and in many ways in the comics and movies. In the comics, they were engaged, married, and even had a child. However, the main lines of their connection start out at odds and find out in a roundabout way after fighting on the same side that there are feelings there.

True to Selina Kyle’s depictions before this, The Batman shows a Selina who is against working with Batman at first. Their relationship in this movie seemed to convey a strong bond when they’re both in their costumes, which tends to be the case with characters. They can understand their connection better as masked characters than as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle.

Selina Kyle’s crime family

Carmine Falcone talks to Bruce Wayne in The Batman.

Although there were a few changes here, the movie finds Selina’s family tied to crime, just like in the comics. Originally, she was part of the Calabrese Crime Family. More recently, in Batman: “The Long Halloween”, there is a scenario similar to The Batman in which Selina thinks Carmine Falcone is her father from an affair.

His suspicions of Falcone are confirmed in both “The Long Halloween” and The Batman. Falcone ends up being the powerful crime boss behind the major conspiracy the Riddler uncovers, linking him to the Wayne family. As the truth comes out, he admits to being Selina’s father as well.

The death of Selina Kyle’s mother

Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman in The Batman

In the comics and movies, Selina Kyle deals with the loss of her mother. It is part of her background that her mother was abused by her father and eventually killed herself when Selena was young. While the details are changed, The Batman features a Selina Kyle who is still tortured by not having her mother anymore.

In “The Long Halloween” and The Batman, Selina’s mother was murdered. As tensions rise near the end and Selina and Falcone fight in the dark, he confesses to killing his mother. One of the most emotionally gripping scenes in the entire film is when Batman is with her and stops her from killing him in retaliation by encouraging her not to look like Falcone, a murderer.

Catwoman scratches Falcone

Carmine Falcone playing pool while talking to Bruce Wayne in The Batman

In “Batman: Year One”, Carmine Falcone is one of the first people Selina Kyle starts stealing from when she operates as a cat burglar. As part of her plan to steal her valuables, she attacks Falcone and his bodyguards while in her full cat costume. She decides to leave a signature mark, which causes her to scratch Falcone’s face.

Although the attack takes place under different circumstances, this interaction is represented in The Batman. While fighting with Carman Falcone before Batman appears, Selina scratches her face with her “cat’s claw” fingernails, doing the same damage comic book fans probably remember reading about.

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