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By James Brizuela | 15 seconds ago

Can’t Bill Murray wrong? I mean really, even in his worst movie, he’s the best. This is certainly not the case with the film we are going to talk about, all that had only to be said. back forward Happy Gilmore, there was an even funnier movie about golf. Well, the movie is about golf and gophers. We’re talking classic comedy, Caddyshack. Caddyshack has arguably one of Murray’s most revered characters as he played the eccentric gardener, Carl Spackler. Murray was joined by many of the best comedians of the time, making this film one of the funniest comedies of all time.

Caddyshack was released in 1980 and featured some of the world’s best comedians in a single movie. Besides Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield and Ted Knight were part of this hilarious cast. It was Harold Ramis’ first film. Ramis is famous for portraying none other than Egon Spengler in ghost hunters and Ghostbusters 2. In addition to the high-level talent that was part of the film’s writing and star power, it remains a highly regarded comedic enterprise. Caddyshack currently holds a critical rating of 73% “Certified Fresh” on rotten tomatoes with an even higher audience rating of 87%. Simply put, this is classic comedy of the highest order. The film grossed $40 million worldwide, making it the 17th highest-grossing film of 1980. While that might not sound like a ton of money, $40 million equals $145 million in 2022. via Dollartimes. Not bad for a comedy.

bill murray caddy shack

Caddyshack follows the life of Danny Noonan as he tries to make a name for himself while caddying for some of the top golfers at Bushwood Country Club. If Noonan wins the Caddy Day Golf Tournament, he will win a scholarship from club president Judge Elihu Smails (Knight). However, veteran golfer Ty Webb (Chase) and wealthy real estate investor Al Czervik (Dangerfield) think the judge is up to something and are doing what they can to expose his actions. All the while, unstable gardener Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) tries to track down a gopher that has destroyed the course. Some of the best exchanges in the film are between Spackler and the gopher who has a personality of his own.

While Caddyshack is the quintessential comedy of the 1980s, there are plenty of stories that made the film even more special. Apparently a ton of the intrigue came from Harold Ramis, Brian-Doyle Murray and Douglas Kenney recalling the times they spent at country clubs and shopping carts for wealthy benefactors. The same is said of Billy Murray and the character he provided. He had been a gardener, caddy and owned a hot dog stand at a country club when he was younger, so Ramis brought his experiences into the film as well. Murray reportedly showed up for just six days of filming and most of his lines were completely improvised. This also includes her legendary “Cinderella Story” scene. You can see the scene below:

While Bill Murray was only supposed to make one appearance, his quirky character was so beloved that Harold Ramis told him to stay in the production so he could be added to other scenes. With only six days of filming left, Murray’s character would become a staple of the film. The scene above was also among AFI’s greatest movie quotes of all time. The famous “Dali Lama” speech was also something Murray invented on the spot. Both of these scenes are equally hilarious and explain why the man is one of the most beloved comedic actors in movie history.

Caddyshack is currently streaming on Netflix until April 1. That means you have until March 31 to watch the movie. Without the precocious genius of Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield, there would be no slapstick comedies like super bad, Happy Gilmoreand Philadelphia is always sunny. Movies like Caddyshack paved the way for raunchy, slapstick comedy to blend together in the most awesome ways. For anyone who enjoys contemporary comedies of this nature, check out this classic film on Netflix. You will not be disappointed.


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