A “Schitt’s Creek” movie is “to be determined!” & Dan Levy says it comes down to one thing


If you’re wondering what the Roses family has been up to since Schitt’s Creekfinished, you may soon be able to find out!

In a new interview with Peoplecreator and star Dan Levy teased that a reunion might actually be in the works.

“I hope one day we can all come together,” said Levy, who played David Rose on the iconic Canadian show. “I see these people all the time.”

“We are in constant contact with each other,” he continued. “So the love is there. The desire to work together is there, and the desire to tell more stories is there.”

As for what’s potentially holding him back from moving forward with something new, it’s about nailing the content.

“I think it’s just about making sure it’s the right story to tell. And I think we’re also proud of the work we’ve done on Schitt’s. And when you end on such a high, it really forces you to think very carefully about what’s next,” the actor said of the final season, which won multiple Emmys in 2020.

“Because anything is an extension of something that most people don’t have, don’t see in their lives. And I really respect the audience in this thing.”

He said he also realizes the need to honor fans and ensure that anything produced is not for the purpose of financial gain.

“I think when you have an audience that has paid attention to you for 80 episodes of a TV show, the last thing you want is to post something that makes them think it looks like a cash grab,” Levy said.

“And that’s not what it’s about. So TBD, but a TBD with an exclamation point at the end.”

This isn’t the first time there’s been talk of a Rose family reunion in movie form, either.

Talk to E!News earlier this year, Catherine O’Hara (Moira Rose) said she would “love to do anything” with Dan and Eugene Levy again, but added that a sequel would have to be done right.

“You don’t want to just take advantage of the fact that people want you to do it. We’ve had the most charming and nicest audience and we don’t want to let them down. Hopefully we will someday!”

We too, Catherine! U.S. too.

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