Adam Sandler Breaks Another Rotten Tomatoes Record With New Netflix Movie


Adam Sandler achieved another career first with his new netflix film.

The actor, who has a $350m (£199m) deal with the streaming service, appears in Hustlea sports drama in which he plays a basketball scout.

Sandler’s previous films for Netflix, including The ridiculous 6, Sandy Wexler and Murder Mysterywere all torn up by reviews.

However, Hustle saw Sandler receive some of the best reviews of his career to date and, shortly after the film’s release earlier this month, he broke an impressive Rotten Tomatoes record.

Exciting for Sandler, Hustle is currently the most beloved feature film by its fans; it is the highest rated film of his entire career judging by the audience score, which sits at 92%.

This is followed by Happy Gilmore (85%) and rule over me81% — not counting stand-up shows or appearances in Sandler’s documentaries.

Interestingly, however, the critics’ review-based scores also sit at 92%, making this a rare Sandler movie that everyone seems to enjoy.

‘Hustle’ is a rare Adam Sandler movie that everyone loves (Rotten Tomatoes)

For example, even The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) which is the highest-rated Sandler film by critics on Rotten Tomatoes, only has an audience score of 72%.

Meanwhile, Uncut Gemswhich also has a critics score of 92%, only has 52% when judged by its fans.

Hustle is available to stream on Netflix now.

Another new movie recently released on Netflix, titled Interceptorbecame the most-watched movie on the service, despite viewers calling it one of his “worst” everand following its success, its director Matthew Reilly made a sincere confession.

Meanwhile, on Prime Video, an Andrew Garfield film that was tagged “grotesque” after inciting festival walkouts has finally become available to watch.


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