After Gujrat and Haryana, MP declares The Kashmir Files film duty free


Madhya Pradesh has joined Haryana and Gujarat as the third state to declare The Kashmir Files film tax-free. Third day after its release, the film became a blockbuster hit, and theaters across the country reported that their shows were sold out.

Duty-free status will reduce the price of tickets to the film, as states waive the GST on entertainment that applies to it. The current rate of GST on entertainment is 18%, and when the state GST is subtracted from ticket prices, they would drop by 9%.

Along with this, several leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party joined the reserved halls for people to come and see the film. The film received an overwhelming response from audiences. Despite a limited release in India, Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files became a smash hit.

Umesh Sharma, BJP spokesperson in Indore, Reserve a full theater to show The Kashmir Files to the public. People holding saffron flags and shouting patriotic slogans gathered to see the film. A Twitter user shared a video, writing, “The video is believed to be from Indore, MP. people will watch The Kashmir Files singing Jai Shree Ram.

A significant number of people came to join Indore on Friday to see the film The Kashmir Files, which was released on March 11. Umesh Sharma had reserved the entire theater for them. A large crowd gathered at Regal Tiraha with saffron flags in hand, then marched to the Central Mall’s Inox Theater chanting nationalist slogans.

The Congress Party protested to the BJP by organizing such an event to screen the film. Congress Secretary of State Rakesh Singh Yadav said the BJP was delighted with its victories in four states. Through the film, they hope to foster religious fervor, he claimed.

Another user on Twitter mentioned that a BJP MP from Vijaypur, Bsavangowda Patil announced free screenings of the film for 10 days in his constituency. He wrote on Twitter: “BJP MP for Vijaypur Bsavangowda Patil announces 10-day free broadcast of The Kashmir Files in his constituency. We need more such leaders”

The Kashmir Files is a film directed by Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri. It is based on the genocide of Kashmiri Hindus and documents true stories when in 1990, unrest in Kashmir broke out following the rise of Islamic Jihad, forcing the vast majority of Hindus to flee the valley. Artists such as Anupam Kher, Mithun Chakraborty and Pallavi Joshi play pivotal roles.

People from all over the world have shown their support for the film. People from all walks of life have come out to offer their support for the film and urge others to see it so they too can learn the heretofore unrecognized truth.

Vivek Agnihotri, director of The Kashmir Files, recently spoke with OpIndia CEO Rahul Raushan about the production of the film, the challenges his team faced and how he secured the theatrical release of the movie. In addition to states making the film tax-exempt and political leaders joining in, many social media users have offered to fund movie tickets so more people can see the film.


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