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Singer-songwriter Amaal Mallik is known for his romantic songs in Bollywood films including Kaun Tujhe, Jab Tak (MS Dhoni – The Untold Story), Buddhu Sa Mann (Kapoor & Sons), Hua Hain Aaj Pehli Baar (Sanam Re ), O Khuda (Hero) and many more. His latest movie song is also romantic, and the composer is full of praise for the lyrics, vocals and music. In an email interview, the singer-songwriter talks about his music and more. Excerpts…

The process of making melodies…

My process is very simple: I opt for simple words, which speak to greater truths and which simply ring in the ear but tell a difficult story, where the effort is always to write relatable music in terms of lyrics or composition and keep it simple. . I think that’s the hardest part. The most difficult to achieve when it comes to creating something. I think it’s something that comes naturally to me and I’m happy that my music always has one thing to do, which is a simple melody where sometimes even if you forget what the lyrics are, maybe (which is very rare because my lyricists went all out and did some high quality writing for me), you can still hum along without getting lost. This is the power of a simple melody and obviously very simple, yet very complex thoughts. What I’m looking for is something meaningful and deep, powerful, pure yet simple.

“The melody of this song was given to me from above”
Jaan Hai Meri is one of the purest melodies I’ve created and it’s a song I’m really very proud of and I think it’s very simple but larger than life poetry. It was sung beautifully by Armaan and it has all the right visual fields, Prabhas and Pooja Hegde made it a long runner for me. I believe it’s not a song, it’s a trend. I come and go and usually I never treat my music like that. But in today’s music scenario, I think this song is something that will try to bring some peace and calm to the music scene. I’m glad something like Jaan Hai Meri happened to me and I’ll call it a blessing. It is a melody given to me from above. That’s all I would say.

‘The brief on the song’

It was very simple. It was about two hearts that believe they were meant to be together but they don’t know how to approach it and how to get closer to each other and you know they’re like two parallel lines that hope they will meet but don’t know for sure if they will meet. From the boy’s perspective there’s obviously more security, and he’s sure she doesn’t want to push her way towards him and he’s pretty sure she’s taken control of his heart. Therefore, we have the line that says: “Labon pe naam hai tera, dil main yaad hai teri, Tu mera na hua toh kya tu fir bhi jaan hai meri”. He feels that she is led to reciprocate. He feels that it is not conveyed to him or that she does not know that she does not want to reciprocate the feelings she has for him and somehow he heroically let go; believing that she would always be his Jaan no matter what.

“The soundscape has a lot of live instrumentalists”

There are a lot of live instrumentalists, percussionists, guitarists, hit sections hang the mandolins in the rababs, and it’s called chorus singing. There are bagpipes. It’s a very simple but essential soundscape. Finally, you can hear four to five elements very clearly, but there are nearly 300 to 400 elements in the tracks of this larger than life song because it’s shot so massively and so importantly, so it needed of this magnitude. So, somewhere, the Indian rhythms bring that. There’s drums, a live base four guitars and lots of strings and fiddles and violas. It is this gathering of all the powerful but subtle and sincere instruments. There is fluid, bagpipes and mandolins. It is therefore a flower of love. It’s a song about a lover taking on a man’s ability to let go of the one person he believes is his Jaan and how do you support something like that? The song should have a bit of pain, separation and heroism, while still being able to flourish with the visuals. So when I saw they were touring Europe and me and director Radha Sir were clear on how he wanted to shoot the song. So we used bagpipes and used a bit of Scottish instruments. It’s the bread of the instruments that are used in Europe is more nylon guitars and a bit of Spanish guitars also happen, so there’s the global element in the soundscape and basically at home lyrically and melodically, it’s an Indian song. It is an Indian expression of love. That’s how we like women in our country. And even though there are people who don’t know love, this song depicts love. I hope they learn that this is how you should let go of someone who may not be right for you or someone who has moved on or doesn’t feel the same way. I think all the boys should take a lesson from this line that you just have to respectfully say it’s OK that we didn’t work out, but you’ll always be my person. And that’s what Jaan Hai Meri represents. True love, selfless love in its simplest form.

The USP of this song…

The biggest USP for this song would be its lyrics and what the song is trying to say. The line itself says: “Labon pe naam hai tera, dil main yaad hai teri, Tu mera na hua toh kya, Tu fir bhi jaan hai meri”. It’s never been said in any Hindi movie song, and I’m surprised why, but I’m really glad we can say something like that. I think that’s a very Indian way of loving. It’s a very heroic way to let go of a relationship where you believe the love is so pure and selfless that it’s okay if it didn’t work out and it’s the song you can always Identify yourself when you feel that someone I wanted to be with couldn’t be mine, but here it is. This is the true outcome of true closure in terms of a thought that you mera nahi hai, na hua toh kya hua, you are still my person. Tu jaan hai meri and it has never been said in any song in the last 50-60 years maybe? I don’t think in the last five decades anyone has said a line as pure and disinterested as this and all credit goes to Rashmi Virag, the lyricist.

Similarity to other love songs…

There will be similarities. I’m not trying to run away from myself. I’m proud of the kind of sound, feel, and songwriting value that I keep in every song, and I’m happy that my fans and listeners are appreciated and love me for it. So why would I change it? I think there is a particular similarity, clarity and approach in all my love songs. There is a certain essence of me. There’s a certain style to my melodies so you know that’s obviously something that I would never try to avoid because the song is a love song and especially should sound like my love song because that completely defines me as a human being. What are my emotions, what kind of love do I represent and how do I want the world to perceive my music. So there will be a hint of Amaal Malik and a hint of my style in every song I do. But yeah as a thought as breaking new boundaries in terms of soundscape and being a very different melodic structure this time compared to many other sounds it has the essence as a lot of young kids on the internet link it to one of my old songs, Teri Meri and Phir Kabhi from Dhoni. So I’m really happy that they feel so drawn to that era, that soul, that music, because those were really pure songs from me.

Now that theaters have reopened and things are back to normal, what are you most looking forward to…

I can’t wait to see movies. And also my next movie Bachchan Pandey at the cinema with my friends. I think it’s going to be a crazy time. Yes, things seem to be back to normal. Obviously, there are still many things going on in the world that we are unaware of, but we as a human race should always look at the positives. Be thankful that we have come out of the two years of pandemic we survived there, so many people lost their lives. We should pray for them and move on, being careful, being careful and always masking ourselves.

But go and have fun living life in a way that we knew before. Don’t worry about what’s next because it’s something the pandemic has made us think even more about what next? I think it’s better to go there. Have fun, watch movies with your friends. Come back home. Sometimes have a good time with your loved ones or have a good time alone, and I think that’s what’s important. We also need to be prepared to spend time alone, as this is something we all need to learn. We need to know who we are. While we are alone with ourselves, very important. So even if you don’t have anyone to hang out with, watch movies, have a good time, have a good meal, go for a drive. I do that sometimes and it’s not called being alone. It’s having fun alone.

What do you still aspire to in your career…

I think when it comes to genre you can say that there are several genres that I dabbled with early in my career and I would say I was lucky and the creators were always nice enough to let me imagine my soundscape and my music, so it’s really fruitful for me and I would say that the last eight years as a composer have been the best anyone could have asked for, even better than the best. I think all that was a checklist for me. My parents, as a family, it happened for the two brothers.

Obviously, the next step for me would be to continue my music. You know, independently, it’s a dream that I will continue to improve and I aspire to have a full-fledged career as an individual music artist, video performer, but more of my voice is there now and the the composer in me will obviously never take a back seat, but I think for my fans, for my listeners, for the love of the young children who support me, I will be seen more often in the music videos for which I compose while singing. Obviously more and more good music, I think I still have a long way to go and I’m not saying this out of ego, it’s sort of out of total modesty that there have been greater creators. There will be greater creators, but I still want to make a place in people’s hearts that I will forever stay in. I want to engrave that piece of myself with my music in people’s hearts that is irreplaceable. Never before. Never after. I will create something that will stay in people’s hearts forever and I just aspire to make a place in people’s hearts and stay there forever.


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