Anupam’s latest song ‘Darun’ is about love and longing | Bengali Cinema News

Anupam Roy’s latest single is a dreamy, magical, sentimental and love song, titled “Darun”. Composed, performed and written by the award-winning singer himself, the song shows the protagonist and his crew entering an ancient house where they come across a photo of a beautiful woman. The music video, featuring Anupam and model actress Sauraseni Maitra, is now available on all digital platforms.

Speaking about his latest song, an enthusiastic Anupam shares, “Darun is a song that talks about the relationship between a poet and his muse. It is mainly the imagination of the poet that makes his muse so special. But there is a catch. The poet feels he should not confuse reality with his imagination “Ja bojha jaay na, Ja pawa jaay na, ja chhowa jaay na” – that’s Darun.”

The melodious song, an Indo-Western fusion, is about unreachable love. Although he knows that this love is not real, the video shows how the seeker satisfies his desire by searching for something that is essential to be like a mirage, a dream and completely unattainable. The realization that the beautiful woman is unattainable, but satisfaction in the hunt and desire was well represented in the music video.

As the video progresses, Anupam enters a dreamy trance mode where he is seen searching for the mysterious surreal lady in the picture during a seemingly festive occasion. In the end, as Anupam continues to search for the lady, he is brought back to the reality of the magical experience with the realization that the lady is just a mirage or image that is in front of him and not real, alluding to unattainable goals. love and desire for the same.

The song reflects the concept of longing, unreachable love, and restlessness in pursuit of your love. The video ends in a cliff-hanger that blurs the line between fantasy and reality as the screen ends with an earring that appears to be that of the beautiful young girl in the photograph.


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