AppleTV Library Art (Portrait Movie Poster) BUG

Films that once had beautiful landscape-oriented posters in the library are having their artwork replaced with portraits.

What’s weird is that when you watch the movies from a family member’s phone, all the covers look fine. It’s very annoying when so much money is spent on buying digital movies, and a support case with Apple now lasts around 3 months, without them even acknowledging there is a problem.

My daughter’s phone on the left shows my purchased movies, using Family Sharing. My phone on the right directly watches my purchased movies. take all Movies Back to the Future or Baby Driver for example. But it also happens to newly purchased movies (the most recent Spiderman or Ghostbusters). And it’s a problem on iPhone, iPad and AppleTV. But oddly, all the covers look fine on my Macbook, even when I’m signed in with my Apple ID.

And I’ve tried everything from just signing out of iCloud to signing back in. To completely reset my iPhone. I even tried my Apple ID on a brand new phone, but the problem is still the same. But when I log in on that same test phone with my daughter’s account, watching my movies through Family Sharing, everything seems fine. Which means the problem is not device oriented.

Please, if anyone is facing the same problem, then comment, so that we can fix this annoying problem.


This seems to be a problem for countries that are not in the US. I am from Denmark, I have this problem, and a friend from Italy has the same problem, but a friend from the United States does not have this problem.


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