Aubrey Plaza’s New Movie Proves She’d Be a Perfect Lara Croft


Aubrey Plaza’s compelling performance in the new movie Criminal Emily actually pretty much proves she could play Lara Croft in the future. grave robber film. Criminal Emily is produced by Plaza and directed by newcomer John Patton Ford. The indie thriller stars Plaza in the lead role of Emily, a New Jersey native living in Los Angeles who turns to credit card scams due to the overwhelming weight of her criminal record and student debt. As Emily’s story progresses, her new life of petty crime leads to violent ends.


The interest around Plaza taking on the Croft mantle began when she revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that his friend Edgar Wright had mistakenly thought that Plaza had already been cast as Lara Croft. The story of Lara Croft and her grave robber reboots are convoluted, but the IP is currently up for grabs, so the role will eventually get recast. Plaza herself admitted that, all joking aside, she would absolutely be up for playing the iconic action heroine.

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While Lara Croft and Emily couldn’t be more different on paper — a British aristocrat and archaeologist versus an East Coast petty criminal with student debt — Plaza’s performance in Criminal Emily contains the same ingredients needed to play the Tomb Raider. As Emily descends deeper into LA’s underworld just as Croft delves into the depths of history, Plaza handles scenes of mystery, tension and action with the same grit, adaptability and willpower. indomitable necessary for a perfect Croft. Ultimately, the roles are actually very similar, as both characters are essentially survivalists.

Could Aubrey Plaza Actually Be Cast In A Tomb Raider Movie As Lara Croft

Aubrey Plaza’s movies and TV roles are many, but the thing is, she is best known for her comedic roles and independent movies. Because of this, it would seem like a leap for her to be seriously considered for the role of an action hero. But Wright was onto something, and coincidence aside, Plaza looks surprisingly like Croft in his marketing photos for Criminal Emily. This kind of buzz is notable, not least because of the bidding war currently unfolding for the rights of grave robber franchise. Plaza’s combination of the right look, the right performance, and the right time for a reboot could easily be enough to land her Lara Croft.

Whereas Criminal Emily both created and supported in its own way the idea of ​​Plaza playing the next Tomb Raider, there’s still no guarantee that it will ever happen. Casting Lara Croft for a grave robber the reboot will undoubtedly require a lot of time, consideration, and money from whichever studio manages to secure the rights to do so. Prior to the release of Plaza and Ford’s indie thriller, Plaza probably wouldn’t have been in the running for a role so outside of her purview. Now, however, due to the perfect blend of timing, hype, and performative proof, Aubrey Plaza’s golden possibility as grave robber is close at hand.


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