Batgirl Movie Cancellation Addressed by DC’s Blue Beetle Star


Cobra Kai star Xolo Maridueña, who should star in blue beetletalks about HBO Max bat girl film canceled by Warner Bros. Discovery. Since the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery was completed, there were multiple reshuffles at the newly formed studio. HBO Max and Discovery+ are set to merge into a single streaming service, which will debut in the summer of 2023, while several titles have begun to be scrapped and/or removed from the HBO-branded service. But it’s also affected DC IPs, as the studio revamps its strategy for iconic superheroes.


Although it wrapped principal photography in late March, HBO Max’s bat girl the movie got the ax by Warner Bros. Discovery, a cancellation that sent waves through Hollywood. Planned to feature Leslie Grace as Batgirl, the Barbara Gordon-directed film was going to focus on the young heroine’s origin story as she becomes one of Gotham City’s newest protectors, however, the studio didn’t not seen Batgirl financial requirements as something that fit their strategy and became a project that gave them a tax cut. Although this has raised concerns for upcoming DC movies like blue beetle and black canarythose projects are moving forward, with the first having already wrapped filming and now slated for a theatrical release.

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A month has passed since Batgirl a controversial cancellation has occurred and reactions continue to pour in from fans and Hollywood personalities. In a new interview with Hollywood journalist, Xolo Maridueña, who will bring Jamie Reyes, aka Blue Beetle, to life in his own movie, was asked about Warner Bros.’ choice. Discovery to cancel the bat girl film. Like many previous reactions, Maridueña wasn’t thrilled that Grace DC’s photo was taken down, as he shared the following:

It obviously sounds very close, right? Warner Brothers and Beetle. But I think everything that needs to be said on the subject has been said since [those involved]. I think the creators and Leslie said everything that needed to be said.

Casting Grace as Batgirl was a huge step forward for the DCEU, as well as superhero movies in general, when it comes to inclusivity and representation. While Barbara is traditionally a Caucasian female in the comics, the DCEU film reimagined Batgirl as an Afro-Latina by taking Grace to the fore. Unfortunately, bat girl being sidelined came the same year that other DC projects with lots of diversity were canceled, joining The CW’s Legends of tomorrow, batmanand Noemie. As Jamie Reyes enters the cinematic universe, Maridueña blue beetle The film, originally slated to debut on HBO Max before being reworked for cinema, will be the first time a superhero movie has featured a canonical Latino character.

Although Warner Bros. Discovery is apparently moving from bat girl cancellation, their decision will be discussed in the media for a significant time as this rarely happens, especially for the DC brand. With the news that various DC projects are not moving forward with confirmation that DC FanDome will not be happening this fall, 2022 has rightly been a year-long emotional rollercoaster for fans of the franchise. . Even with the assurance that the film is slated for release, there will always be concern that blue beetle could go from being safe to being suddenly pulled by the studio at the last minute, if his test results prove disappointing for the studio. While Grace bat girl the film may never be shown to the public, perhaps his character will cross paths with Maridueña as blue beetle in the DCEU in a different project, given that she would still be in talks for a future DCEU.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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