Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’ cold marriage leads to plenty of infidelity and aimless murder


Deep Water movie review rating:

Featured cast: Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas, Jacob Elordi and together

Director: Adrian Lynne

Deep Water Movie Review Ft. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas (Photo Credit: Still From Deep Water)

What’s good: Ben Affleck is the mystery he’s meant to be while Ana de Armas serves up pressure cooker heat on the verge of explosion.

What’s wrong : the unclear purpose which is not well translated. Why? Remains constant without really getting answers. Also the constant reminder of the male gaze that we stopped talking about at least five years ago.

Toilet break: Pause and take.

Watch or not? : This is risky ground. There are reasons why you might immediately give this one a lower priority, but you shouldn’t ignore it completely either. Sooner or later give it a chance with its flaws and problems. Talk about it, maybe that’s how you’ll make way for better ones in the future.

Language: English (the screeners had no subtitles).

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Duration: 115 minutes

User rating:

A couple Melinda (Ana) and Vic (Ben) stuck on a weird/weird/mind-numbing trajectory live their lives in a “not-so-normal” arrangement. The wife is in an open relationship with the husband, who is not happy with his partner’s choice of life. One by one, the boyfriends begin to disappear and begin the exploration of the department.

The Deep Water movie review is out!
Deep Water Movie Review Ft. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas (Photo Credit: Still From Deep Water)

Deep Water Movie Review: Script Analysis

The fact that Adrian Lyne is adapting an erotic novel starring Ana de (I can intimidate you with just one look) Armas and Ben (I’m the guy you’re all drooling over) Affleck, it shouldn’t be hard to guess what that you will get. The filmmaker and his incoherent masculine look at women with fantasies and gray tendencies are known to everyone. To sum up, 20 years from his last film, it remains the same. Many debates and endless panel discussions later, we remain where we were.

So it’s not even a point worth emphasizing. What deserves to be highlighted is the artistry of screenwriters Zach Helm and Sam Levinson (Euphoria) who create two people removed from reality so intriguing that 20 minutes into the film and you know those people who have the bare minimum chance of existing in the real world. . It is indeed a small victory in a scenario that quickly turns into a mess.

Adapted from the novel by Patricia Highsmith, Deep Water is about a very unusual couple who are in an arrangement where the wife has stories of being unfaithful and the husband has no right to object to her explores its flaws to a certain extent. Because according to her, it’s her world and the husband is just a hero as she continues to encounter many cameos. What helps the film be the crux and to the point (whatever that point) is how the filmmaker and crew approach the opening.

There is no “oh look, once upon a time there was a fairy tale couple with two children and a dog” opening. Instead, we meet these people right in the middle of a situation of heightened tension leading to revelation. If you walk in without looking at any promotional material (like me), it will be hard for you to even guess they are husband and wife in the first 5-10 minutes.

The set-up of their characters, the unsettling mysteries surrounding them, and the tension created by the presence of men in Melinda’s life takes up the good first 30-45 minutes and is the best part of the movie. Post that it’s only going down. This brings me to the point. Throughout the 115 minutes, I asked “Why?” to the movie almost 5 times but never got the answer. The purpose of making this story was either heavily lacking or not conveyed well.

Of course, I understand that anger and jealousy drive what the protagonist decides to do. But when he doesn’t oppose his wife for half the movie, “I’m not a normal man” being the reason, why the sudden change of heart? Why snails? What is the metaphor or use? Why are there no cameras in the streets where so many influential people walk the road and are even kidnapped somehow? Yeah, Vic made a chip used in war drones, which made him a big fortune, enough to retire.

Why did he entrust him with such complex work? No idea. He could easily be a man who inherited his wealthy dad’s money, and that wouldn’t even make a difference to the movie.

Deep Water Movie Review: Star Performance

Ben Affleck knows how to use his intense attitude to intimidate and impress people at the same time. The actor goes from helpless to vulnerable, then filled with Vengeance (pun intended) pretty quickly and you can see him transform.

Ana De Armas is an actress who deserves to be on the big screen more often. The actor portrays the character’s arrogance so convincingly and the belief in bad decisions with such confidence that you get on board with it. The real issue is how Adrian shoots Ana as Melinda.

She only wears seductive black dresses, and refuses to put them on completely, a suspender is always about to expose something. Her idea of ​​having a seat is a process where she looks like the embodiment of all the eroticism in the world. Every time she dances she has to rub her ass in a man’s crotch like no one will ever say no to her. Consent isn’t even a discussion here. Perhaps that’s how the writer and director envisions Melinda. But we can never see beyond that. She can’t just be an ah*rny woman stuck in a cold marriage, there must be other sides to her.

The Deep Water movie review is out!
Deep Water Movie Review Ft. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas (Photo Credit: Still From Deep Water)

Review of the film Deep Water: direction, music

Adrian Lyne and his obsession with eroticism are nothing new. The filmmaker made it the main part of his filmography. But this time it fails to balance things visually. The eroticism of it all ends very early and you are left with only the thriller. Genres don’t go hand in hand, rather have their time in the spotlight. Not the right way to do it.

Lyne has an eye for shooting intimate scenes. Coming to life after 2 decades, he makes sure to prove that no matter how “responsible” humans you are, you still want him, his idea of ​​sex being both pleasurable and destructive. He’s still filming the intimacy with handheld cameras, making it look like you’re witnessing it all sitting on the same bed or in the same car or sneaking into a closet.

The music doesn’t do a lot of work here. It exists and is not added to the full experience.

Deep Water: The Last Word Movie Review

There are flaws and unanswered questions. You may not like it or like some parts of it. If 90s Adrian Lyne is your poison, he’s the one coming back after 2 decades with no change in perspective.

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deep waters released on March 16, 2022.

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