Ben Affleck reportedly filming new scenes for The Flash movie


It is reported that Ben Affleck going to film new scenes like Batman for the next the flash film which is really very exciting! This news comes to us via Geekosity.

According to their report, Ben Affleck will return to the set to film additional scenes for Andy Muschietti. Glow film which has been in a rather precarious state lately.

Also, according to the report, these new scenes won’t completely change the ending of the movie, just “tweak” it, which is good to hear. Then again, we still don’t know exactly how the movie will end and I’m pretty sure most of you won’t want to know how the movie ends until you go to the cinema to watch it.

Ben Affleck returns to film additional scenes for The Flash movie

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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So this all comes after it was revealed that Ben Affleck will be returning for the Aquaman sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. This news was actually revealed by Jason Momoa himself via his social media accounts.

Momoa posted a video in which he “accidentally” walked into a trailer on the set of the film in which Ben Affleck sat minding his own business. It’s going to be very interesting to see how Affleck’s Batman fits into this Aquaman movie.

It was actually reported that Affleck was going to replace Michael Keaton who was supposed to be back as his version of Batman in the Aquaman film. There have been so many developments with DC Comics movies this month! Too many to keep track.

Apparently the reason they chose to replace Keaton’s Batman with Affleck in the movie is because of the flash the film being delayed. the flash the film was to be released before Aquaman 2and he was going to introduce the multiverse into these new DC Comics movies.

Now that the flash the film comes out later Aquaman 2Warner Bros. thought it would be best to have Affleck’s Batman in the movie instead, as audiences would be confused by Keaton’s Bruce Wayne just popping out of nowhere.

Will Ben Affleck play Batman again after The Flash and Aquaman 2…?

Ben Affleck says he wants to direct a Batman movie

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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So the question remains, will we see Ben Affleck return as Batman after his cameos in Aquaman 2 and The Flash movie? Well, honestly, we don’t know. A while ago, it looked like Affleck was done playing Batman.

However, now we learn that Affleck is shooting new scenes as Batman for The Flash movie and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. It looks like he’s in a much better place now, and hopefully that means we get to see even more of his Dark Knight in the future.

Crossed fingers. Let’s see more of Ben Affleck’s Batman! I think everyone wants it. The more Batmen the better, I say.

What do you think of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing Ben Affleck’s Batman scenes in the flash film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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