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dragonball the films are notorious for not gaining canon cachet to exist in the canonical Dragon Ball universe; luckily for The Last Dragon Ball Movie however, everything exists in the canon! Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero hit theaters and surprised fans with a heavy animation change, and a storyline that continually gives Dragon Ball fans what they want most. One of those needs is for Gohan to finally be used like he was in the Cell saga.

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The action-focused film had a strong nostalgia, as it repeatedly used ideas derived from previous Dragon Ball shows. The Red Ribbon Army was again the main villain of the story, just like in the first Dragon Ball adaptation, and the series used several characters to help fight the villains, like Piccolo, Krillen, and Android 18. Throughout the entirety of the visibly enjoyable movie, there were countless moments that will live forever in the hearts of die-hard Dragon Ball fans.


10/10 Gotenks’ failed merger

Both Trunks and Goten make an on-screen appearance when they arrive to help Piccolo and Gohan fight back against the Red Ribbon Army. Fans will immediately notice their growth difference from Super, and Piccolo’s reviews as well.

The two then attempt to fuse into Gotenks, but their fusion fails and they turn into a fat version of their fusion. Although they didn’t put up much of a fight, they brought comedy to fans through tough times and helped by exposing a crack at the top of Cell Max’s head.

9/10 Piccolo the babysitter

In the early parts of the film, Piccolo stands out as a main character, which many fans would agree is widely beloved. He’s seen Pan training like he did with his dad, but it’s clear he takes things easier with little Pan.

Finally, when she leaves for school, Videl calls Piccolo and asks him if he can pick up Pan from school. The way Piccolo responded implies that he does it quite often, and even names himself with Pan’s teacher! Piccolo fans all love this dynamic between Piccolo and Gohan’s family.

8/10 Pan strikes back

After Piccolo disguises himself as a Red Ribbon Army soldier and volunteers to help “kidnap” Pan from his school, Pan encounters the soldiers with unexpected force. She makes the work of the soldiers of the Red Ribbon Army easier and faster, eliminating them as if they were just garbage.

She leaves Piccolo alone, as she senses his familiar energy. Pan then becomes soft on Piccolo again, asking him what’s going on, and the brilliant duo flee in a scheme against Pan’s father.

7/10 Gohan discovers that Pan has been kidnapped.

A disguised Piccolo and a Red Ribbon Army soldier arrive at Gohan’s house to tell him that his daughter has been taken hostage. Right after the soldier points a gun at Gohan, Gohan pushes him away effortlesslymuch to the chagrin of fans and laughter.

But once Gohan learns that his daughter has been kidnapped by the evil army, he quickly shows no reluctance to destroy part of his house in a surging ki rage, blasting the ground below him. That’s exactly what Piccolo wanted, and funny enough, the fans too.

6/10 Gohan shows up at the Red Ribbon Army base

After Piccolo returns to the Red Ribbon Army’s secret base with Pan, he awaits Gohan’s arrival. Once Gohan is there, audiences will be in awe as Gohan finally manages to shine like he did in the Cell saga.

With the rainy atmosphere, an outnumbered and angry Gohan, and a Cell Max waiting to be released, the whole scene is tense. Fans can see Gohan working through his rage against the Red Ribbon Army and getting rid of the soldiers with ease. Just like his father, he fights against the army.

5/10 Vegeta defeats Goku

After the movie ends, the audience can see how Vegeta and Goku’s match finally ends. The two rivals are seen exhausted, fighting with very little stamina. Eventually though, Vegeta lands the final blow and Goku hits the ground, stating that he lost.

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Although the fight was heavily hampered by Whis, Vegeta won against Goku for one of the first times in the entire franchise, and his new way of fighting could shed light on a new Vegeta in the future. Vegeta fans will agree that it was nice to see Vegeta defeat Goku for once.

4/10 Piccolo’s new transformation

Piccolo, in a desperate attempt to stop the Red Ribbon Army, uses the newly upgraded Dragon Balls to wish himself unlocked potential, much like Guru did for Gohan in the Frieza Saga. After receiving this new power, Piccolo states that he has never felt so powerful, but he doesn’t know how much power he has.

While battling one of the Gamma Androids, Piccolo finally awakens a new transformation Shenron granted him, is back with the power of a symbol, and Piccolo transforms into what has been dubbed Orange Piccolo.

3/10 The sacrifice of Gamma 2

Piccolo ends up going through the Gamma Android’s head and finally makes it clear to them that the Red Ribbon Army was using them. After the Gammas switch to the side of the real heroes, they help the Z Fighters fight Cell Max.

Gamma 2, after learning that Cell Max’s head was the weak point, flies very far and begins using full attack to destroy Cell Max. Cell Max was able to block him in time, but his arm was blown off. Gamma 2 sacrificed himself to help save the world, and it made him a true superhero.

2/10 Gohan’s Special Beam Cannon

Gohan eventually unlocks a new transformation like Piccolo did and shows immense newfound strength. Piccolo holds Cell Max back and tells Gohan to attack while he has the chance. Back in Cell Saga, Gohan destroyed Cell using his father’s signature attack, and now, while fighting Cell Max with Piccolo, he charges up a special beam cannon and uses it to destroy that Cell.

It’s a nice understanding from Gohan that Piccolo taught him just about everything there is to know about fighting. The two have a great relationship.

1/10 Gohan’s Beast Form

As most fans would agree, Gohan finally got the storyline star he deserves has been much appreciated. Not only that, but Gohan got a new transformation, which could rival Goku and Vegeta. After witnessing his mentor being mercilessly beaten by Cell Max, Gohan undergoes a transformation due to rage, much like he did when battling Cell in the Cell Saga.

Gohan transforms into a whole new form, called Gohan’s Beast Form. The new transformation looks very cool and gives Gohan another unique feature that sets him apart from his father.

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