Boban Marjanovic will star in Adam Sandler’s basketball movie this summer


The Dallas Mavericks employ one of the NBA’s hardest-working players in Boban Marjanovic. He may not play a nightly role in the rotation, but Bobi is still working on his game. He clashes with staff members and works on the pitch before every game, even as Marjanovic becomes a star on the pitch in basketball.

Fans remember Boban’s memorable performance in John Wick 3, and he’s provided plenty of laughs in Goldfish commercials at State Farm. His latest ad featuring Trae Young is absolutely hilarious and Marjanovic’s acting career is still on the rise.

Netflix has released a trailer for its next movie Hustle with Adam Sandler on May 10, and it stars Boban. This will be a must-watch movie for all basketball fans, and here’s a preview of the trailer.

Fans saw Bobi square off with Sandler in September 2021 while filming the film, and the first trailer dropped on Tuesday. Check it out below.

It looks like Boban is going to get some laughs in the new movie. Sandler plays a scout for the Philadelphia 76ers and NBA players Anthony Edwards and Juancho Hernangomez also star in the film which is set to premiere on Netflix on June 8.

No matter the role, Marjanovic is sure to be memorable in the film. He’s one of the NBA’s most beloved players for a reason. Boban always makes people laugh and he lights up any room.

The 7’4 big man plays an important role for the Dallas Mavericks even though he never steps onto the court. He finished second in the vote for Teammate of the Year in 2022 due to his impact in the locker room. Be sure to check out his new movie and keep an eye out for Boban Marjanovic content this summer.

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