BYU College Highlights: BYU Alumni Makes Film With BYU Graduates, Feds Leader Receives Award


College of Fine Arts and Communications

Cinematographer Roman Alaivi points the camera at actor Morgan Gunter. (Joey Ciccoline)

Barrett Burgin, BYU alumnus released his feature film “Cryo” with a cast and crew of many BYU graduates.

The sci-fi psychological thriller centers on five scientists in an underground facility who are awakened from cryogenic sleep and can’t remember who they are.

“I want to express my gratitude to the many BYU students and graduates who worked on the film,” Burgin said. “It’s amazing that most of us working on this film are college students or recent students. It would not be what it would be without their talents, their ideas or their creativity.

The director said he felt his time at BYU had opened many doors for him, and he expressed his gratitude to the faculty members of the media arts department.

Burgin’s “Cryo” has been accepted into film festivals such as Kanab Film Fest, Desertscape Film Festival and Chattanooga Film Festival.

Marriott Business School

Dodaro is aimed at graduate students of the MPA and faculty members of the Romney Institute. (Photo courtesy of Jess Myrick)

The Romney Institute of Public Service and Ethics at the BYU Marriott School of Business has awarded US Comptroller General Gene Dodaro the 2022 award Administrator of the Year Award.

Dodaro served in the public sector for 49 years through his work at the Government Accountability Office, which provides government leaders with nonpartisan data designed to help them make more informed financial decisions.

“I started working in government because I didn’t want to be someone who sat around complaining about what was happening in the country; I wanted to have the ability to have a positive impact on government,” he said. “I believe we are here on Earth to help others, and my career has allowed me to do that.”

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