Cailee Spaeny eyed for new alien film from director Fede Alvarez


A new Alien movie would reunite in the 20th Century and Scott Free with Cailee Spaeny in talks for the lead role.

Xenomorphs could soon be back on the big screen amid new reports of the next Extraterrestrial the film moves forward with a lead star in place. Per deadline, another feature film is being planned for the Extraterrestrial franchise of 20th Century and Scott Free. As previously reported, Fede Alvarez (evil Dead to restart, don’t breathe) is on board to direct the film, while the new report reveals that Cailee Spaeny (The profession: heritage) is in talks for the lead role.

Nothing else has been revealed about the plot of the project. Extraterrestrial film, so it is not yet clear if it will have a direct connection to any of the previous films. What seems most likely is that the film will involve Xenomorphs in conflict against humans, as this has always been central to the franchise. Word is Alvarez has sold 20th Century and Scott Free on original land, prompting new plans to ramp up the project for production starting early next year.


Spaeny previously had a notable role in the film Pacific Uprisingand she went on to appear in other movies like Based on gender, The profession: heritageand How does it end. She has also appeared in recent TV shows like Easttown Mare and The first lady. Currently, Spaeny is working on a Priscilla Presley biopic that will star her in the lead role as the titular bride of the late singer Elvis Presley, played by Jacob Elordi (Euphoria).

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The Alien Franchise Will Return

Ripley is afraid of the alien
20th century fox

The Extraterrestrial The franchise began in 1979 with director Ridley Scott’s original film. The original trilogy also consisted of James Cameron aliens in 1986 and David Fincher Alien 3 in 1992. Jean-Pierre Jeunet would later direct 1997’s alien resurrection. What tied the four films together was the presence of franchise star Sigourney Weaver, who plays one of the action genre’s most beloved characters in Ellen Ripley.

In 2012, Scott returned to the director’s chair to helm the film Prometheus, a film that served as a prequel to the original film series. He would also direct the sequel, 2017 Alien: Alliance. Since then, plans to continue the film series have stalled, although there have been reports of a television series adaptation starring Noah Hawley. Some fans have always campaigned for there to be a Alien 5 it would bring Weaver back to the role of Ripley, which the actress herself approved of, but said it was mostly up to Ridley Scott.

No release date has yet been set for this novella. Extraterrestrial movie starring Fede Alvarez.


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