‘Charmed and Cheated’ movie premiere: how to watch and where to stream


The film premiere of charmed and deceived airs on Lifetime Movie Network on Thursday, September 22 at 8/7c.

Those who want to watch the premiere live, but have already cut the cord, can still tune in with DirecTV streams Where Philo.

Philo is one of the cheapest live streaming services that charges its users only $25 per month with more than 60 channels to choose from live and on demand.

Those who are fans of Lifetime or Hallmark in general can also watch most movies from the networks with Philo.

Apart from Lifetime, other popular channels offered by the streaming service include Hallmark Channel, AMC, HGTV, History Channel, Discovery Channel, CMT and more.

Meanwhile, DirecTV streams is one of the best alternatives to regular cable with an overwhelming number of channel options.

Subscribers can stream and watch live on-demand channels for $64.99 per month. However, there are other packages with more channel options with a higher price.

Some popular channels offered with DirecTV streams include Lifetime, BET, Fox, CBS, Showtime, NBC, ESPN, ABC, A&E, TLC, Food Network and more.

Philo and DirecTV streams both offer free trials for new users so you can watch charmed and deceived for free before committing to anything.

What is charmed and deceived on?

charmed and deceived follows a high school student, Annie, who struggles to maintain good grades for her lacrosse scholarship.

When popular student Delia introduces Annie to a clique that spends more time partying than studying – but still has offers to attend top universities – Annie eagerly joins.

She soon learns that the clique is a network of cheaters. Under the influence of the clique, Annie begins a relationship with her lacrosse coach, Mitch, but is overwhelmed with worry of getting caught. Annie tries to break free from the group, but Delia uses blackmail to stop her from leaving and revealing the ring to the rest of the school.

Desperate for help, Annie turns to her best friend and her mother to stop the twisted plan and redeem her reputation before it’s ruined for good.

Cameron Cipolla, Le’Priesh Roman and Jonathan Stoddard star.


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