Chris Evans embraces his mustachioed look in new Gray Man movie image


Chris Evans rocks his mustachioed new look in a just-shared image from the upcoming Russo Brothers thriller The Gray Man.

Chris Evans takes on the mustachioed look in a new image from The gray man. Evans’ latest reteams him with MCU directors The Russo Brothers for an action thriller starring Ryan Gosling. The gray manThe cast of also includes Evans Knives out co-star Ana de Armas, with Dhanush, Jessica Henwick, Regé-Jean Page, Billy Bob Thornton and Alfre Woodard.

Evans was, of course, the epitome of all things good and decent in his role as Captain America in his Russos-led MCU endeavors. But The gray man Now sees him playing against his impeccable Steve Rogers image, casting him as the unhinged agent Lloyd Hansen, who leads the manhunt for Gosling’s rogue mercenary, Court Gentry. Perhaps to convey that he is evil this time around, Evans’ Hansen sports a mustache that has already become the character’s trademark, just as Ransom Drysdale’s sweater has become an indicator of the slimy elitist privilege of ‘Evans in Knives out.


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In effect Evans seems to fully embrace his mustachioed psycho villain gaze in The gray man. On Instagram, the actor just shared another image of himself with facial hair in the Russo Brothers film, this time also wielding a seemingly malicious weapon. See the image in the space below:

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Audiences were of course happy to get behind a less honest version of Evans in Rian Johnson’s hit murder mystery. Knives out. And obviously, the internet was thrilled to have a blast as well, turning Ransom wearing an Evans sweater into a meme. Netflix would understandably be thrilled to see a mustachioed Evans become meme-worthy as well, as the streamer reportedly spent $200 million on it. The gray manmaking it the most expensive production in their history.

It remains to be seen whether Netflix ultimately made a good bet by betting $200 million on the combination of good-natured Gosling, mean-spirited Evans, and blockbuster directors the Russo Brothers. Gosling and Evans have a lot of star power, of course, and Netflix loves nothing more than getting stars into its movies, as they’ve proven with efforts like red notice featuring the combination of Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. Unfortunately, Netflix’s approach to creating big-budget content has come under a lot of flak recently, as the streamer is reportedly losing subscribers at an alarming rate. Maybe the promise of seeing Evans sport a shaded mustache as he hunts down Gosling will bring back some of those lost Netflix customers. But even if The gray man proves a hit for the streamer, it seems likely that the era of Netflix throwing all the money at big-name stars just to put them in somewhat nondescript action movies is coming to an end.

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Source: Chris Evans/Instagram

  • The Gray Man (2022)Release date: April 26, 2022

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