Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller Star in Stunning New Movie ‘Spiderhead’


Teller’s character is a Pacific Northwest seeking redemption. #k5evening

SEATTLE — Fans of dystopian thrillers with a sense of humor won’t want to miss “Spiderhead” on Netflix.

The film is set in a state-of-the-art prison and research facility where inmates are given a fairly comfortable life in exchange for agreeing to undergo testing for mind-altering drugs.

Chris Hemsworth stars as Steve Abnesti, the head researcher. The inmates are played by Miles Teller (Jeff, a Seattle Mariners fan) and Jurnee Smollett (Lizzie, who’s hiding a secret.) As they get closer and their tests get more and more ominous, the escape becomes their only option.

Entertainment reporter Kim Holcomb spoke to the cast about making the film.

SMOLET: “It’s not easy, but when I read the script, I thought, ‘This is about unconditional love!’ It’s layered beneath these wacky, heightened, entertaining, and truly empowering tales, but deep down they’re like those two star-crossed lovers who won’t achieve freedom unless they get forgiveness.

HOLCOMBE: “Chris, I have to ask you about the line, ‘Beautiful people get away with it too much and I say it’s benefited me once in a while.’ Is that the greatest truth you’ve ever spoken on screen?

HEMSWORTH: (laughs) “How can I answer that without sounding like an idiot?”

HOLCOMBE: “When Steve started dancing to ‘Slave to Love’, was the song actually playing or were you miming it?”

HEMSWORTH: “The song was playing, yeah yeah yeah. The song was my choice and the dance I don’t believe was in the script. It was another opportunity to make a fool of myself.”

HOLCOMBE: “Over the years, actors have told me that they have to like the characters they play. What do you think of Steve?

HEMSWORTH“Do I like him? Sometimes I liked to play with him. I liked the kind of unpredictable nature he had, I liked the fact that there were no rules about that. what he should or shouldn’t say. There’s a real charisma to him, very powerful. But a real lack of social etiquette and a misunderstanding of social cues. There’s no filter for him.

HOLCOMBE: “I know that’s not even remotely the point of this movie but I’m in Seattle we need to talk about Jeff. What’s his backstory? Is he supposed to be from here? He’s also wearing a shirt Edison baseball, and there’s an Edison, Washington.

CASHIER: “Yeah, that’s definitely where the character came from. He just felt like someone to me from the Pacific Northwest. Worked on boats, worked on cars, I gave him a mule. I don’t don’t know, maybe it’s a Florida thing?”

HOLCOMBE: “Miles Teller, what about us people of the Pacific Northwest?”

CASHIER: (laughs) “I’m a baseball fan so I knew he must like the Mariners.”

HOLCOMBE: “Jeff is on medication that makes him lose his inhibitions. How do you lose your inhibitions to play someone who has lost their inhibitions?

CASHIER: “Some of the scenes in this one were pretty tough. I think you just have to commit, that’s what it’s all about. You can’t do it 50%, you really have to feel free to look silly and do it.”

HOLCOMBE: “How many times would people have to watch this movie to see everything? »

CASHIER: “It’s science fiction and it’s George Saunders, so there are definitely Easter eggs in there.”

“Spiderhead” streams on Netflix from June 17.

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