Colin Trevorrow has almost given every Jurassic World movie its own distinct title, but “We Live in a Society”


It’s not the worst idea, although I think he was aiming too low. You did “Jurassic World”. “Earth” would be redundant, and “Kingdom” is a multitude of steps back from an entire planet. You might as well opt for “Jurassic County” or “Jurassic Principality”. Obviously, if you start with a celestial body, your next move is to hit the cosmos. And if “The Amityville Horror” franchise (or some copyrighted variant) can go to space, I see no reason why genetically engineered dinosaurs can’t go intergalactic.

As for how you get a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a giant space shuttle, that’s why these Hollywood hotshots get paid big bucks. Don’t tell me it’s impossible. Find a poindexter at Cal Tech and throw money at him until he concocts a hypothetical means of transportation that will launch a creature that hasn’t existed for sixty-five million years into the stars.

I want it. You want it. And deep down I guarantee that Trevorrow, as these universal checks continue to clear, wants it too. If there’s a god in heaven, “Jurassic Nebula” will hit theaters sometime in the next few years, and it’s because we live in a fucking society. In the meantime, “Jurassic World Dominion” will be released in US theaters on June 10, 2022.


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