Deadpool 2 director confirms he’s had conversations about the third movie


Deadpool 2 director David Leitch sat down with Marvel Studios about his comeback for Dead Pool 3. Leitch is currently promoting his new action movie High-speed traindirected by Deadpool 2Vanisher actor Brad Pitt. Uproxx spoke to Leitch and noted that Leitch had yet to do two films set in the same universe. Leitch explained, “It’s probably more what I do and certain circumstances. I love all of these worlds and they’re all precious to me. Starting with John Wick. Chad took over this franchise and executed it beautifully. And Deadpool is amazing. Atomic Blonde, I would like to go back there. When I look back, I would love to go back to those worlds, but I think the way it happened for me, or fate brought me here, is that I have new opportunities and they are really great, interesting, as well. Now move on and do The fell guy with Gosling, we are preparing right now.”

Uproxx followed by asking if The fell guy is the reason Leitch isn’t returning to direct Dead Pool 3. Leitch clarified, “No. Look, we’ve had conversations about Dead Pool 3, but I was just… I also had things in the works. And it was never, ‘Hey, do you want to do it or don’t you want to do it?’ or whatever. I think it was more than we knew our dance cards were full on both sides. And we have a window. And Marvel has timelines.”

Marvel Studios has since free guy director Shawn Levy at the helm Dead Pool 3, with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick returning to work on the script. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said he wanted to take a “big swing” with Dead Pool 3the plot.

“How can we elevate it the way we’ve been able to with Civil warand Infinity War and Ragnarok?” Feige said The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s a lot of fun being in the world of the Ryan Reynolds show.”

Reynolds recently began training for the film. He also recently opened up about how the original Deadpool went from a shelved Fox project to a hit.

“I really took a crash course in the value of marketing and storytelling in this context through dead Pool“, Reynolds said, speaking to the outlet. “dead Pool taught me that necessity is the mother of invention. Deadpool, the franchise, has never had the kind of budgets and finances to work with with some of the biggest comic book properties. Two of the biggest opponents of creativity are too much time and too much money. I learned the value of character on the show through dead Pool.”


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