Deadpool 3 will still be rated R, say the film’s writers


Marvel had the perfect chance to use Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but decided not to. This means we probably won’t see Wade Wilson in the MCU until Dead Pool 3 hits theaters. But it’s not like we have any news on the release date, as Marvel hasn’t shared any information about the movie yet. However, the Dead Pool 3 the writers recently reassured fans that the film would be rated R, just like its predecessors. Disney will not intervene.

Marvel has yet to announce the release date

We know almost nothing about Dead Pool 3. It’s the only project in the Fox universe of X-Men stories that will make it to the MCU. From the earliest days of the Fox deal, Disney said that wouldn’t change. dead Pool. And that it will be a rare R-rated entry into the PG-13 universe of MCU projects.

More than three years later, we still don’t know much about the film, even though Ryan Reynolds has trolled fans with a few insignificant Dead Pool 3 teasers.

However, we recently found out that Shawn Levy will be directing the MCU’s first. dead Pool film. And Reynolds has confirmed that Blind Al (Leslie Uggams) will return. And now the film’s writers have given us a bit more to chew on.

Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who worked on the previous two films, spoke about Dead Pool 3 with The reading list.

They didn’t quite address the launch delay, and we have to remember that Marvel had to reshuffle plans more than once due to COVID-19. And that 2020 has been a year without MCU movies or TV shows for fans.

“We want it to be awesome,” Reese said of Dead Pool 3. “We’re in the lab all the time working on it with Ryan Reynolds, and we’re having a lot of fun. So hopefully this will translate and ultimately entertain the world. But you know, it’s a marriage between Fox and Disney, and they’re two different universes, and it’s not easy. But it’s also a magnificent challenge and, you know, high-class problems to be able to merge these, these worlds. So we are, we enjoy it.

Shang-Chi’s concept art shows Deadpool battling Proxima Midnight. Image sources: Andrew Kim Art

Will be Dead Pool 3 to be rated R?

The scriptwriters recognized a new working environment following the move to Disney, which has its particularities to which they had to adapt. But Marvel and Disney will “let Deadpool be Deadpool.”

Reese said Marvel has been incredibly supportive. “It’s not like any particular joke could be the one they say, ‘you know, it’s too far’, it could happen, but so far it’s been nothing but ‘a support,’ he continued. That means Dead Pool 3 will be R-rated like its predecessors.

“It was nothing more than, ‘How can we help you?’ “What part of our universe would you like to use? How, how can we make your life easier? And we’re going to let Deadpool be Deadpool. We’re not…it’s not going to be Disney’s ‘Deadpool.’ , and now it is up to us to come to terms with and vindicate that faith,” the authors said.

“They’re not going to play with the tone,” Reese added. “I mean, I would never say never, I guess there’s an outside chance, but we were always told it could be R-[rated]and we proceed as if it were R. We would like it to be R, we always have, so I don’t think that will change.

It is with a bit of luck that things will remain.

The writers also addressed the elephant in the play. Disney replaced them at some point with the Bob’s Burgers writers. But the important thing is that they’re back and can keep delivering those R-rated jokes for Dead Pool 3.

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