Dinesh D’Souza’s Election Fraud Film ‘Stupid’


What happened to Ann Coulter? By that we mean, when did she start being the (very occasional) voice of reason in the GOP? In the 2000s, she was the Republican Party’s most incendiary commentator. Skip a decade and a half, and she’s an anti-Trumpist, as well as one of the few people, in both parties, who thinks Joe Biden handled the pullout from Afghanistan well. Now she comes for an old flame.

On Wednesday, Coulter wrote a piece called “Dinesh’s Stupid Movie”, in reference to 2,000 slippers, the latest film from far-right pundit Dinesh D’Souza. This one adds to a pile of inconsistent voter fraud nonsense by misrepresenting geolocation data, supposedly identifying the routes of Liberal activists delivering multiple ballots to the polls in 2020 and coming to conclusions unsupported and wobbly. It’s been so downright debunked this even Fox News doesn’t buy it. Bill Barr even used it as a punchline in his Jan. 6 committee testimony, angering Steve Bannon.

Well, Coulter didn’t have it either, even though she dated the director. “The movie tells Trump diehards (a dwindling crowd) that their man probably won the 2020 election!” she writes. She then further debunks her sloppy reasoning, pointing out that cellphone tracking “isn’t accurate enough to distinguish between liberal activists filling drop boxes and store owners, police, delivery people and others.” who have perfectly legitimate reasons to be a few feet away from the same drop box every day.

Coulter also argues that Trump himself lost the election, in part because he “subverted his flagship campaign promise: the wall.” (She seemed to find this really disappointing, in case you were worried about agreeing too much with Ann Coulter.)

She concludes, “Instead of a landslide of 49 states and two decades of peace and prosperity, we would have had a movie about D’Souza’s conspiracy about how the Democrats cheated.”

Coulter didn’t spend the whole column trolling D’Souza. She devoted the first part to reports that Trump stole his supporters with a nonexistent fund to nullify the election, spending the money on other things, including himself. And he wasn’t the only MAGA scammer in his eyes:

And let’s not forget Steve Bannon’s “We Build the Wall” scam; Trump has launched a fundraising appeal to raise funds for his new private jet; and a Trump-affiliated organization paying Kimberly Guilfoyle $60,000 to give a two-minute speech on January 6 (featuring her fiancé, Don Jr.). Every time you think you have your arms around the Trump scam, you realize it’s unfathomably more cynical and far-reaching than you could have imagined.

Is there anyone in Trump World not trying to mow down the Deplorables? Haven’t they suffered enough?

Either way, it looks like D’Souza has lost Fox News and Ann Coulter, which is perhaps the only impressive thing about her new movie.

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