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A crowded and chaotic survival saga that only comes to life when it clones the original

Synopsis: A group of visitors (the old cast of the Jurassic franchise meets the new) must expose, survive, and escape from a dinosaur facility called Biosyn Sanctuary (an evil company involved in genetic mutation and research), in order restore the ecological balance and protect the food chain. Old wine in a new bottle, huh?

Exam: The film is set in the Neo-Jurassic era where humans and dinosaurs must learn to live together. Biosyn’s strange genetic mutations threaten to disrupt coexistence. They unleash a deadly locust invasion that can destroy the balance of nature. Foreseeing this crisis, the big three of the dinosaur universe – Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern), Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), reunite to infiltrate the Privy Valley into the hope to avoid the ecology a disaster.

In a side track, the new age duo of Jurassic – Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) must also head to Biosyn in order to rescue their teenage daughter with a hidden past, Maisie (Isabella Sermon). The girl is kidnapped because she is “valuable intellectual property”.

Who cares about plot in a Jurassic franchise as long as you’re gawking and terrorized by the gigantic computer-generated extinct species, right? He’s just a money spinner after all. Well, plot matters and the original proved how intricately the two can be intertwined. Not every sequel can match the original, but even if you neglect the story, Colin Trevorrow wastes too much time before you get to what you expect from the supposed finale – biting survival action, fear and emotional connection. .

After a rather wacky and meandering build-up, its crowded and chaotic survival saga only comes to life in the second half, which, unsurprisingly, clones the original. The Big Three must escape Dinosaur Island in a helicopter while babysitting and Ellie and Alan must rekindle their romance, sigh.

While the jump scares and tension aren’t a patch on the classic 93, a few scenes are jaw-droppingly intense like the dinosaurs chasing Owen’s fast bike and even performing parkour stunts. Jeff Goldblum’s catchy banter is once again the highlight of a rather predictable movie.

Steven Spielberg set the bar too high in 1993, when he first introduced us to a fictional dinosaur island aka Jurassic Park and how a group of visitors must survive while on tour, once things go wrong. After massive worldwide fame, through the multiple installments that followed over the years, the solo goal was to capitalize on the success of the original without rebuilding the survival thriller franchise.

You can’t cling too long to the original, though, because anything that refuses to adapt or evolve is likely to die out. Jurassic World: Dominion has its moments but they are rare. Revisit the first film instead.


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