Donald Glover will be in a community film, says Dan Harmon


Earlier this year, the exciting news that Community has been come back with a movie was toned down somewhat when it emerged that Troy Barnes (Donald Glover) was not included in the returning cast. Now, however, Community co-creator Dan Harmon says the omission was simply a mistake and that Glover will eventually be in the film.

It seemed understandable that Glover would not return to Community, which originally ran from 2009 to 2015, as the multi-hyphenate became increasingly busy with Atlanta and his musical career as Childish Gambino in the years after the sitcom ended. But according to Harmon, who addressed the reboot during a recent Variety Business Managers Breakfast, “For lack of a better word, there was a fumbled bullet… [Glover] is at the clown. Man, I wouldn’t think of doing [the movie] without Donald.

The Community the film is being written and will stream on Peacock, the NBC-attached streamer, which aired the first five seasons of the original Community To display. Harmon also discussed the decision to go with Peacock instead of a bigger name like Amazon at the Variety event, explaining that he would rather work with someone who connects with him artistically than someone who can earn him the most money.

“Is it smart as a creative to go with the place you think is most solvent? That’s not how a creative should think, you’re supposed to follow your passion, and ultimately, that’s what we did,” Harmon said. “We can’t control the market, we can’t control the future of Peacock, so we have to ignore that, pretend all things are equal and go with what has a emotional sense.”

Danny Pudi, Joel McHale, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash and Ken Jeong have all been confirmed to return for the Community film, while Chevy Chase and Yvette Nicole Brown will not appear. To celebrate the news of the reboot, we’ve ranked 100 of the series’ musical moments from worst to best.


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