Druig and Sersi had a love affair in the Early Eternals movie script project


An exclusive interview with Eternals screenwriters Kaz and Ryan Firpo reveals that Sersi and Druig had a “weird little thing” in early drafts of the screenplay.

Kaz and Ryan Firpo, writers of the Marvel film Eternals, reveal that Druig and Sersi shared a love affair in the early drafts of the script. After suffering delays related to the pandemic and a screening for attendees of the Rome Film Festival, the 26th entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now showing in theaters around the world. Eternals is directed by Chloe Zhao, fresh out of her successful Oscar campaign for Nomadic country, who shares writing credit alongside two cousins ​​Firpo and Patrick Burleigh.

While the film covers a lot of ground in depicting the 7,000 years of the titular heroes on planet Earth, the romantic relationship between Gemma Chan’s Sersi and Richard Madden’s Ikaris, which has seen its ups and downs over the centuries, is a key element. At the start of the film, they’ve been separated for a long time, and Sersi has started a new relationship with human Dane Whitman (Kit Harington). When the return of the Deviants requires the Eternals to reunite, Sersi and Ikaris are forced to revisit their shared history, which is complicated by the former’s new bond with Dane.


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However, in an exclusive interview with RS, the Firpos reveal that the love triangle was initially very different. Ryan describes early versions of the Eternals script in which Sersi and Barry Keoghan Druig also had a romantic past, which shifted the element of love triangle from Ikaris’ initial arrival in London as the heroes attempt to recruit a reluctant Druig to their cause. While this created additional tension in this already pivotal scene, he says, the filmmakers are ultimately happy to have stepped away from that dynamic:

In fact, I even remember the versions, the early versions, where even Druig and Sersi had a weird little thing. So it created a complexity when they went to get Druig, and he rejected them, and it created a lot more tension and there was a little love triangle thing, but we got away from that. I’m really happy with the Makkari-Druig chemistry, it’s a great addition to the movie.

Makkari and Druig Romance in Eternals

Firpo’s comment refers to the other major element of Eternals which would have been altered as a result of this story: the flirtatious exchanges between Druig and Makkari, interpreted by Lauren Ridloff. While Makkari seems more sociable than Keoghan’s oft-withdrawn character, the two are somewhat reclusive from their immortal colleagues, and they share an easy chemistry in their on-screen conversations. Marvel fans have been quick to defend their relationship since the film’s release, even in the face of the seemingly deeper bond between Sersi and Ikaris or Thena (Angelina Jolie) and Gilgamesh (Don Lee), and the Firpos attribute this story’s development to. .. define the contribution of the two actors and Zhao.

While it is only natural that multiple romantic attachments form between the Immortal Aliens during their long stay on Earth, this one may have encountered some resistance from fans. Not only is it hard to imagine that Keoghan and Chan’s pairing sparks the same sparks as Keoghan and Ridloff, but Druig’s cynicism is almost the opposite of Sersi’s view of human nature, even more so than apathy. Ikaris. Even though the version of Eternals which has made it to screens eliciting mixed responses from viewers, most fans are likely to agree that circumcising this romance was the right move.

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