Dundalk violinist star of the IMAX film ‘Ireland’


Dundalk violinist Patricia Treacy has a starring role in the new film ‘Ireland’ which will be shown in IMAX cinemas around the world.

his film takes audiences on an action-packed journey through the Emerald Isle, exploring its rugged, natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Narrated by internationally award-winning actor and native of Ireland Liam Neeson, Ireland follows Irish writer Manchán Magan on a cross-country adventure that explores the history, culture and stunning natural landscapes of the island of Ireland. , connecting people of Irish descent around the world to their land, language and stories along the way. Joining Manchán is Ireland’s leading concert violinist, Patricia Treacy, from North Louth. and four Irish teenagers seeking to better understand their Irish heritage.

Speaking to the Argus from the US this week, Patricia said: “The film’s launch in New York was amazing! “Ireland” was shown on the largest giant screen in North America and in 3D, the landscapes and views were even more breathtaking than you can imagine. I was blown away by Ireland in all its glory and very proud to be part of it.

The film chronicles the group’s journey from Dublin to Belfast, from Kilkenny to Cong, and to such spectacular natural sites as the giant Cliffs of Moher, the volcanic Giant’s Causeway and the rugged Skellig Islands where they meet scientists studying the population local puffin. At each step of the journey, they rediscover the traditions, language, stories and vibrant sacred customs of every part of Ireland.

Patricia explained that she first met the MacGillivray family, who are behind the production in 2016 when she was invited to play at the premiere of “National Parks adventures” narrated by Robert Redford for the launch in Dublin. In 2016, it became the number one IMAX and Giant Screen film/doc in the world.

“I was then asked in 2018 to have a role in the film “Ireland”. My role in the film is, with Manchan Meagan, to mentor four teenagers and take them on a road trip to Ireland. was really such an adventure as it was the first time they had seen all the different places in the country.

“I play the violin on the soundtrack throughout and I also perform the Proclamation, the piece I chose to play during President Biden’s Inaugural Mass, in a scene where we are playing for our President Michael D Higgins at the University of Galway.”

She explained that the film is 42 minutes by design “and is showing in IMAX theaters, science centers and museums around the world for an initial rollout.”

“It is then broadcast live to media as well as in-flight on United Airlines. There are approximately 2,300 museums and science museums around the world, which will allow for a much longer shelf life than a typical Hollywood film.”

She added that IMAX theaters can show films up to two years old and older. “MacGillivray Freeman’s ‘To Fly’ is still playing over forty years later at the Smithsonian in Washington DC!

Patricia has been busy traveling back and forth between the United States and Ireland and will be traveling extensively to promote ‘Ireland’ throughout the United States, China and Europe as the film’s official ambassador.


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