Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s Worst Movie Together Made Less Than a Third of What ‘La La Land’ Did


Some actors have an indescribable on-screen chemistry that lights up every scene. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are part of these dynamic film duos. They complement each other perfectly, no matter what movie they are in. While the 2016 musical, The Earth, was undoubtedly their favorite movie so far, the romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love also won them fans.

The pair did another movie together – but it was a flop. gangster squad had a promising cast and exciting trailers, but the film disappointed both audiences and critics. In fact, it made far less money at the box office than The Earth.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling wowed audiences with their movie ‘La La Land’

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The Earth left audiences incredibly nostalgic. From the start of the opening scene, viewers were reminded of the magic of delicious old-school musicals featuring legends like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The lively music, bright colors and fantastic choreography immediately draw the audience into a dazzling world of song and dance.

Stone and Gosling were the icing on the cake – the lead couple brought their roles to life with undeniable charm and wit. Stone plays Mia, an aspiring actor working as a barista on the Warner Bros. Studio backlot. Gosling plays a laid-back jazz musician named Sebastian, who dreams of one day owning his own jazz club. He eventually learns that he must make sacrifices if he ever wants to realize his dream.

As with many classic romantic comedies, the couple goes from being bored to falling in love. Unfortunately, at this point, they are way too determined to achieve their goals and they won’t let anything stand in their way, not even their relationship.

Their previous movie did less than a third of what ‘La La Land’ did

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The Earth was a smash hit, grossing over $151 million at the domestic box office and over $447 million worldwide, according to box office mojo. Despite Stone and Gosling’s excellent on-screen chemistry, they starred in another film that wasn’t much less well received. The 2013 action movie, gangster squadhad a great cast but did less than a third of The Earthgrossing just $46 million domestically and $105 million worldwide.

As The Earth, gangster squad takes place in Los Angeles. The action movie follows LAPD cops looking to take down a notorious crime boss. In addition to Stone and Gosling, the all-star cast included Sean Penn as the mobster, and Josh Brolin, Nick Nolte, and Giovanni Ribisi as Gosling’s character’s fellow cops.

According rotten tomatoesthe film suffered from “dull writing, underdeveloped characters, and excessive violence”.

Stone and Gosling love working together

(L-R): Actor Ryan Gosling and actress Emma Stone attend the ‘La La Land’ Gala Screening at the Ham Yard Hotel on January 12, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

It’s no secret that Stone and Gosling love working together. They also starred in the 2011 romantic comedy, Crazy, Stupid, Love. The film was not a box office success as The Earth, but it was very well received. The cast included other top notch actors like Steve Carell, Julianne Moore and Kevin Bacon.

The two players have developed a privileged partnership over the years. They work so well together on screen and they enjoy their friendship off screen as well. Gosling described the joy of working with Stone in an interview with entertainment tonight“Emma Stone is just, like, constantly opening Christmas presents.”

Stone also has no shortage of kind words for Gosling, especially in his acceptance speech for her. The Earth Oscar. “Ryan Gosling, thanks for making me laugh” she says. “And for always raising the bar and for being the best partner on this crazy adventure.”

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