Encanto Contest Reveals the Heartwarming Reasons Fans Love the Film


The Encanto contest asks fans and their families why they love the Disney animated film, and the answers pouring in are extremely heartwarming.

A draw to win a Encanto The mystery box reveals all the heartwarming reasons people love the movie. The magic of Encanto has thrilled viewers since its first theatrical premiere on November 24, 2021. The film follows the extraordinary Madrigal family who live in an enchanted place called the Encanto in Colombia, which bestow magical abilities, or “gifts,” on each child. born to the Madrigal family. Mirabel Madrigal (Stephanie Beatriz), the only child not to have received a gift, struggles to fit in with her family and save the magic she relies on.

Since its release, Encanto received a largely positive reception, with viewers praising its unique script, Colombian portrayal and incredible soundtrack of hamilton composer Lin-Manuel Miranda. In fact, the song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” broke Disney records and climbed the charts to land No. 1 on Billboard Global. The film also recently landed Academy Award nominations for Best Animated Feature, Best Original Song, and Best Original Score. Since its theatrical debut and subsequent Disney+ release on Christmas Eve 2021, the film has only grown in popularity, and now viewers are giving a glimpse of why.


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For a chance to win a Encanto mystery box, Disney’s Encanto Twitter page asks users to share why they liked the film. The results are about as comforting as one would expect. The hashtag is trending on Twitter as dozens of users share beautiful photos and sentiments about the movie. The families reveal how the film brought them together and made their children smile every day, as well as how they all sing along to the music. Others dig a little deeper into their admiration for the depiction of Afro-Latino children, the emphasis on the strength of its elders, and the way it captures the beauty, heart, and history of Colombians. Check out some of the posts below:

As the Tweets poured in, there were certainly many common sentiments, with family themes, portrayal and acceptance of being flawed among the main reasons fans loved Encanto. The answers certainly reflected how one of the EncantoAchievements of were cultural representation. The Colombian influence is strong in the film’s characters, music, and family dynamics, and Alma and Pedro’s story recalls Colombia’s history of displacement and persecution. Prior to the contest, several heartwarming stories had already surfaced, capturing the sweet moments when ecstatic children saw characters who looked just like them on screen. The contest showed just how many such stories have been happening across the country with the start of Encanto.

Although the raffle was designed as a fun way to win a mystery box, the results illustrate just how important it is to have films like Encanto. Much of the love for this film extends far beyond its fun music and ability to entertain small children, and exists because of the film’s relatability and commitment to representation. The film was able to capture true Colombian history and culture in a way that was both educational and family friendly. On top of that, he captured real family dynamics, the pressure to be perfect and the pain of feeling out of place in his family. viewers of Encanto not only see themselves reflected in the film, but also their struggles, and see guidance and encouragement in Mirabel’s journey. As the Encanto illustrious draw, the film is special for viewers and stands out from other films because it really creates a lasting conversation about representation and family.

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