Every Daniel Kaluuya Movie Ranked From Worst To Best


Kaluuya’s first feature film role lasts, collectively, five minutes. In “Cass”, he plays 14-year-old Cass Pennant, who would eventually become the first football hooligan to be sentenced to a lengthy prison term. Sporting a beast of ‘fro, Kaluuya immediately conveys the swagger we’ve come to expect from Cass, portrayed in adulthood and beyond by Nonso Anozie (“Ender’s Game”). He also shows the kind of confidence that has characterized his screen presence throughout his career.

With the success of shows like ‘Ted Lasso’ and the growing popularity of English football in the United States, many Americans might be interested in watching ‘Cass’, a gateway to the history and culture behind football hooliganism. . Football fans of all stripes engaged in riotous gang warfare, and Cass Pennant was at the center of it all as head of the Inter City Firm, which replaced West Ham United.

Initially, Pennant rose through the ranks and gained a respect not usually given to black citizens of the United Kingdom. However, his time in prison brings with it a much-needed reality check. Pennant tries to find love and settle down, but his past comes back to haunt him. With an excellent lead performance from Anozie, “Cass” is the finest film to emerge from Kaluuya’s humble beginnings and remains a powerful story about a man struggling with his upbringing. He deserves more love!


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