Every Disney Movie Musical Performance, Ranked


Combining animation and live action, Disney’s Delighted pays homage to the studio’s classic princess films, while parodying them. This 2007 hit film, directed by Kevin Lima, stars Amy Adams as Giselle, a role that established her as a top actress and brought her worldwide fame. In addition to Adams, the cast includes Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Timothy Spall, Idina Menzel, Susan Sarandon and Rachel Covey. Delighted follows Giselle, a beautiful princess from Andalusia, who is expelled from the kingdom by Queen Narissa and lands in the noisy and unknown streets of New York. Luckily, a very skeptical lawyer and his adorable daughter step in and help her find her beloved Prince Edward, but on her journey, Giselle discovers entirely new feelings and, possibly, a new love interest.

15 years after its creation, Delighted made headlines again: Due to its popularity and success, Disney decided to release a sequel titled Disillusioned, to be released November 18, 2022 on Disney+. In this sequel, audiences reunite with Giselle and Robert who, ten years after happily ever after, run into some trouble after moving from Manhattan to suburban Monroeville with Morgan. Adams, Dempsey, Marsde,n and Menzel reprise their roles, with Gabriella Baldacchino, Maya Rudolph, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jayma Mays and Oscar Nunez joining the cast. Disillusionedis committed to living up to the original film in terms of musical performance, so expectations are very high. In the meantime, here is a ranking of each musical performance in Delighted.


5/5 “So close”

Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey in Enchanted
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“So Close” is performed by Jon McLaughlin, featured in Delighted as a ballroom singer at the Woolworth Building costume ball. Robert attends this special event with Nancy and is shocked to see Giselle walk in with Prince Edward. At this point, the tension between Giselle and Robert is undeniable, which leads to a rather awkward situation where Nancy seems to be the only one who fully understands what is going on. Suddenly, the host of the ball asks that everyone change partners, so the princess and Robert start dancing together, resulting in a romantic moment in which they completely steal the show. This is later interrupted by Robert’s girlfriend, who returns to pick him up, as Giselle walks out, fulfilling her promise that after her date with Edward, she would return to Andalusia with him. But something has changed in Giselle, as she finally realizes that her true love was not Edward, but Robert.

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4/5 “True Love’s Kiss”

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“True Love’s Kiss” is the film’s opening musical performance, sung by Adams and Marsden. It features a typical fairy-tale scene: Giselle at home, surrounded by forest animals, talking about the importance of a true love kiss, while interacting with a model she has decorated as if it were her lover. With the help of the animals, she sets out to find something that can serve as her lips to complete her creation, during a scene where we clearly see nods to films such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beautyand The little Mermaid. At the same time, Prince Edward, who was singing the same song, surprises his future princess from afar and embarks on a journey to find her. Once he saves her from the evil troll Nathaniel has sent to haunt her, the prince and Giselle finally meet and, quickly, decide to get married the next day. A typical Disney Princess result.

3/5 “Happy Work Song”

Amy Adams in Enchanted
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After Giselle is banished from Andalusia by Queen Narissa, she transforms into a live-action version of herself and lands in New York’s Times Square, stranded in a world she doesn’t know at all. Luckily, Robert and his baby daughter Morgan happen to be there to help, hosting him in their apartment. After spending a night there, Giselle notices how neglected the place is, and as a thank you, she decides to clean up a bit with the help of her beloved pets. Trouble is, in New York, forest animals aren’t as common as cockroaches, rats, and pigeons, all of which flock to help him clean up. So, Giselle starts cleaning while singing “Happy Working Song”, and all this noise wakes up Morgan, who is now completely convinced that Giselle is a real princess, but she is terrified of the animals infesting the place. She rushes to wake her father, who doesn’t see the sight, but rather an army of bugs, rodents and birds roaming his apartment, which is why he proceeds to get them out, not quite sure what’s going on. happens. on.

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2/5 “For eternity”

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Carrie Underwood performs “Ever Ever After”, the song that concludes the movie with a happy ending for all the good characters. Once Giselle defeats Queen Narissa, she chooses to stay in New York and continue her romance with Robert. In addition, she starts a fashion business named after her beloved Andalasia, where she is helped by several animals. And from that moment, the princess, Robert and Morgan lived happily ever after. Nancy, who was mourning her broken relationship, finds the shoe Giselle lost during the ball, and after Prince Edward tries it on, something magical happens: the shoe fits her perfectly. So, as happens in fairy tales, Nancy and Edward decide to get married and she moves to Andalusia. But these aren’t the only characters in the story who get their happy endings: Nathaniel and Pip write autobiographies of their real-world experiences and become successful writers, Nathaniel in the city and Pip in Andalusia.

1/5 “That’s how you know”

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“That’s How You Know” is easily the film’s most impressive musical performance, featuring Adams and Marlon Saunders, a singer and songwriter credited in the film as a calypso singer in Central Park. . Robert decides to stop helping Giselle after she causes several problems at work and with her partner. Nevertheless, he quickly regrets it and returns to find her, so they spend time in Central Park talking about love. He questions her decision to marry Prince Edward the day she met him, and Giselle, on the other hand, blames him for not proposing to Nancy after so many years together. Singing “That’s How You Know,” Giselle reminds Robert how important it is to prove to his sweetheart that he really loves her, and that if he did, things wouldn’t be so. complicated. The most interesting thing about this musical performance, besides the obvious references to other Disney films, is that Robert, who is very skeptical, experienced something he would not have thought possible: a scene typical romance movie, in which everyone seems to know what song the main character is singing, as well as the choreography, as crazy as that sounds.


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