Every Drew Barrymore Movie Ranked From Worst To Best


Although Drew Barrymore’s character Casey dies within the first 12 minutes of ‘Scream’, his role isn’t much of a cameo – in fact, screenwriter Kevin Williamson saw it as an opportunity to pay homage to ‘Pyscho’. by Alfred Hitchcock, who in 1960 convinced audiences that his star was Janet Leigh, only to brutally murder her character, pulling the rug out from under the viewer.

“I thought one of the greatest movies of this genre was ‘Psycho’. The whole first act is Janet Leigh and then she gets killed and you’re like, ‘Whoa, where is this movie going? ‘” Williamson recalled in 2021 “I had no idea. And I wanted that. I wanted the same feeling… when she dies, you’re like, ‘Wait a second. Wasn’t she on the poster? Wait. What’s gonna happen next?'”

The result was the casting of Barrymore, arguably film’s biggest star at the time, in a pivotal opening that would set the tone not only for the film, but also for a franchise that would yield multiple sequels and a TV show.

Initially in talks to play the lead role, Barrymore fought for the role of the hapless Casey Becker. As Wes Craven reinvented the horror genre with his meta-masterpiece, the self-conscious horror of “Scream” launched countless imitators, reviving the outdated slasher genre. While Drew Barrymore may not have been on screen very long, his contribution was a vital part in launching one of the most beloved franchises of decades.

“In the horror movie genre, my biggest pet peeve was that I always knew the main character was going to make it in the end, but he was going to snap and make it happen,” she said. in 2020. “What I wanted to do is remove that comfort zone. I asked if I could be Casey Becker so that we established that rule doesn’t apply in this movie.


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