Every James Bond movie ranked, from worst to best


With 6 different actors having played the most iconic character in Hollywood history, it’s no surprise that we all have our personal favorites marked in our heads. In a few decades 25 films have been made – all dedicated to one man and his cunning missions – the 007 franchise has given us many adventures and all of them are unique from each other. Some of them obviously left a much deeper impact than others, and so, ending the debate, we’ve compiled a list of every James Bond movie, all ranked from worst to best.

So without further ado, here are all the 007 movies in order from worst to best.

25. Die Another Day (2002)

You know it’s a bad movie when Madonna and Halle Berry’s presence can’t even save it. The one issue that was evident throughout this feature was its need to induce us with nostalgia. More than an addition to the legacy, this film felt like a parody of all the previous films. And worst of all, there were jokes that didn’t make us laugh.

24. Spectrum (2015)

Shocking, right? But you will understand the reason in a second. The film was overhyped, shallow with a spoon full of narcissism. More than a movie, it felt like a talking point for the franchise, which is unnecessary and cheap considering the legacy it already has. The deeply disappointing act was filled with too much dialogue that wasn’t backed by a solid script.

23. Live and Let Die (1972)

The word no one should use to describe the Bond series is key to describing this piece of chaotic drama: sordid. Live and Let Die gives us a glamorous world with outstanding cinematography, but the problem here is that it still manages to look low-budget and dark. Here, the image of the globe-throttle playboy is reduced to a rude and completely ridiculous man.

22. Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

In the film, the antagonist screams for media attention, and ironically, the film itself is completely unworthy of it. Brosnan is charming and fits the role but the production aspect of the film is disappointing to say the least.

21. The World Is Not Enough (1999)

Yes, we’re fully aware of the names the Bong Girls go by, but this one is poking fun at itself, it seems. The character is called Christmas Jones. It’s a corny name to say how beautiful Denise Richard is. It’s yet another Bond movie that Brosnan fails to sell.

20. Quantum of Reassurance (2008)

This feature was actually intimidating and had its heart in the right place. However, the one aspect of the movie that felt slightly off was the man himself. It was strange to watch the serial womanizer be reduced to a man in shock with a broken heart.

19. The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

The film, which is set in Thailand, appeared to be exploitative and low budget. Considering Christopher Lee was the film’s antagonist, a dream come true at the time, the man was given dead dialogue that had no weight in it.

18. Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

The movie is easily forgettable and maybe that’s its problem. Sean Connery again sings the swan song with the sultry theme playing in the background. Although this is a better movie on the list so far, the writing could have been sharper and more precise. The mastermind we all admire so much isn’t as intimidating as we’d like.

17. Living Daylights (1987)

What’s the plot? Well, you have a bunch of ridiculous antagonists trying to crack an arms smuggling scheme. But wait, Bond is also going to space (literally). Confused, right? Don’t be because this film is the closest to the Ian Fleming novels. Could it have been better? Sure, but an interesting direction nonetheless.

16. License to Kill (1989)

You could say it was one of the franchise’s most successful reboots. It was dark, gritty and honestly, a breath of fresh air. There was the right amount of dialogue and action, and for the first time in a long time, we saw Dalton go completely rogue, and we loved it!

15. Octopus (1983)

In this movie, there is apparently going to be a nuclear apocalypse and we have a bunch of octopus-worshipping cults in the foreground. The location is obviously India, because where else would you find good octopus thieves, right? With Mr. Bond jumping over the jungle, the scene itself can look pretty ridiculous.

14. A View of Death (1985)

This movie is a mess but it’s also fun and entertaining, making it a much better watch than its predecessor. With your antagonist in Walken, the movie has a connection to Silicon Valley, making it a bigger budget movie. The movie’s theme song is awesome thanks to Duran Duran. John Glen really tried to save the franchise with his management.

13. You Only Live Twice (1967)

Who would have thought that Roald Dahl would have a small but important contribution to the Jame Bond franchise? What is this movie about? A third party that is persuasive and successful in bridging the differences between East and West.

12. For Your Eyes Only (1981)

It’s the first time in history that James Bond has been portrayed more as a secret agent than a superhero, which he obviously isn’t. The chase sequences are directed and well shot. With the location located in Italy and Greece, it was surely a nice ride.

11. Thunderbolt (1965)

From the action sequences filmed underwater to the other half of the film shot in the Bahamas, this movie earned an Oscar nod for its special effects team. It’s a wonderful piece that had Sean Connery at the helm.

10. No Time To Die (2021)

Last and newest adventure in the Bond series, delayed several times due to the pandemic, this film could have been a disaster. Despite a few details, it managed to be a gripping saga of crime and deceit. Ana De Armas was just icing on the cake.

9. Moonraker (1979)

It’s your ultimate guilty pleasure; an uninspired plot that has your charming boy lover spy game antics, it makes you squirt in embarrassment. The positive aspects? Action sequences, musical score and over-the-top performances.

8. Dr. No (1962)

The film that launched James Bond’s evergreen series carved out the right space for the saga that continues to grow even today. He’s done the groundwork and released a spy who’s charming, smart, and all glorious. It’s an epic prologue that deserves to be in the top 10!

7. GoldenEye (1995)

Brosnan is back and he breaks his leg this time. After much criticism he’s faced over the past decade, he’s made sure nothing was left to chance this time around to bring back the most enchanting spy in history. There’s non-stop action and dialogue that will have you swooning for days.

6. The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Easily one of the best Bond films of the 70s, this film was sexy and beautiful to watch. To be one of the most expensive movies of its time, this action movie gave us one of the best Bond Girls of all time. The set itself was impressive and you wouldn’t mind throttling the globe with your favorite man on Earth.

5. From Russia with Love (1963)

It’s the first real romance you’ll see between Bond and his many daughters. In terms of performance, it was a masterclass. You have to be really cynical not to be amused by the rivalry between the psychopath Red Giant and Bond.

4. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

This is probably the only movie that will see James Bond get married. Even though George Lazenby failed to fill the weight of the shoes that Connery held tightly, it was interesting to watch the character grow stronger with each passing scene. It was a tough movie to shoot because of the locations, but everything was handled spectacularly.

3. Golden Finger (1964)

It’s the ultimate James Bond movie; a timeless film with cult worshippers. Sean Connery was a real dip as he portrayed the role of James Bond so easily on screen. The good-natured spy was backed up by near-perfect production.

2.Casino Royale (2006)

Even if you exclude Casino Royale from its predecessors, anyone who watches the movie would agree that it’s one of the best movies they’ve ever seen. Daniel Craig turned into a spy so easily and caught your attention without begging. There was a high stakes poker game that was absolutely breathtaking.

1. Skyfall (2012)

What is this thing that turns James Bond on? Turn it on not sexually, but in a more infuriating way. How does he go from 2 to 10 in terms of rage and action? Well, this movie analyzes him psychologically in this feature and maybe that’s why he’s still on top even after all these years. The film has a meaningful connection with audiences as, for the first time, they witnessed its history and how it came to be what it is today.

In conclusion

And there you have it, the list of the worst and the best james bond movies. And maybe after going through the series, you’ll come to terms with the fact that there’s no better actor than Daniel Craig to step into James Bond’s giant shoes. Let us know your thoughts!


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