Every movie leaving HBO Max in June 2022


June is right around the corner, and HBO Max is gearing up for some revenue with its streaming slate. On Monday, the Steaming service announced the full slate of movies and TV shows added to its lineup throughout June, and there’s plenty to look forward to. Unfortunately, June will also see a number of major movies leave HBO Max. There’s a lot to release over the next few weeks.

Chris Hemsworth’s action vehicle 12 Strong will leave the service on June 9. Everything else releasing in June will depart on June 30, and the list of outgoing movies includes The Mummy, real steel, Matches Men, 2 guns, Mouse hunterand many others.

Here’s the full list of movies leaving HBO Max next month:

June 9:
12 Strong2018
June 30th :
2 guns2013
20 feet from fame2013 (HBO)
All dogs go to heaven1996 (HBO)
dogs go to heaven 21996 (HBO)
All I see is you2016 (HBO)
Amityville 3-D1983
Amityville II: The Possession1982
Barry Munday2010 (HBO)
Black Hawk Down2001 (HBO)
Blade of Glory2007 (HBO)
Brother Nature2016 (HBO)
Chaplin1992 (HBO)
dark water2005 (HBO)
Duplex2003 (HBO)
first man2018 (HBO)
Everlasting love2014 (HBO)
Gift from heaven2004 (HBO)
good neighbors2010 (HBO)
High Rise2015 (HBO)
Hobo with a shotgun2011 (HBO)
Hostage2005 (HBO)
I used to come here2020 (HBO)
identity thief2013 (HBO) (extended version)
John dies at the end2012 (HBO)
cries of joy2012 (HBO)
Kill Gunther2017 (HBO)
La Gallina Turuleca (aka Turu, the wacky hen)2019 (HBO)
The divorce2003 (HBO)
Leonard Cohen: I’m your man2005 (HBO)
Little man2006 (HBO)
Los Lobos2019 (HBO)
The loser leaves town2018 (HBO)
Love and A.45.1994 (HBO)
lucky numbers2000 (HBO)
Matches Men2003
Max Steel2016 (HBO)
Mouse hunter1997 (HBO)
presumed innocent1990
Princess Kaiukani2009 (HBO)
real steel2011 (HBO)
Rounders1998 (HBO)
Saturday night fever1977 (HBO) (director’s cut)
Shall we dance?1996 (HBO)
She is all that1999 (HBO)
soul food1997 (HBO)
Spare parts2015 (HBO)
Cruise control speed 21997 (HBO)
Stay alive1983
Still waiting2009 (HBO)
sunset song2015 (HBO)
Super Capers2009 (HBO)
Super star1999 (HBO)
3:17 p.m. for Paris2015 (HBO)
The Gospel According to Andrew2017 (HBO)
The last five years2014 (HBO)
The letter2012 (HBO)
The Mummy1999 (HBO)
The return of the mummy2001 (HBO)
The next three days2010 (HBO)
The peacemaker1997 (HBO)
The Scorpion King2002 (HBO)
The wild life1984 (HBO)
Wrist Cutters: A Love Story2006 (HBO)
Trance2013 (HBO)
Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls2007 (HBO)
The Diary of a Mad Black Woman by Tyler Perry2005 (HBO)
I Can Hurt Alone by Tyler Perry2009 (HBO)
Tyler Perry’s Madea goes to jail2009 (HBO)
Madea’s Big Happy Family by Tyler Perry2011 (HBO)
Madea’s Family Reunion by Tyler Perry2006 (HBO)
Why I Got Married Too by Tyler Perry2010 (HBO)
Venus and Serena2012 (HBO)
Wait…2005 (HBO)
What’s the worst that can happen?2001 (HBO)
wonder boys2000 (HBO)
Wrong turn in Tahoe2009 (HBO)
The yellow birds2017 (HBO)

Which of these films are you most disappointed to see leave HBO Max next month? Let us know in the comments!


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