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Between the underrated all-female reboot, the cool and stylish classic, and the beloved 2001 remake, there’s no better heist franchise than Ocean’s.

While most people know the oceans series for the hit 2000s trilogy, it has been going on for over 60 years and is set to continue with a 60s starring Margot Robbie oceans film. The upcoming film has the potential to be amazing, although fans of the franchise would have preferred a Ocean 14 or even a Ocean 9.

But it’s not like those older movies haven’t existed yet. The franchise is full of entertaining heist movies, and it’s hard not to be impressed by the energy and charisma of the worst films. Between the underrated all-female reboot, the cool and stylish classic, and the beloved 2001 remake, there’s no better heist franchise.


5 Ocean 8 (2018) – 6.3

Tammy, Debbie and Nine Ball sitting and looking at the computer in Ocean's Eight

All-female reboots of beloved franchises haven’t received the best reception from audiences. But this is mainly due to approaches to reboots, such as in 2016 ghost hunters failed because it was a total comedy and forgot that the original movie was one big fantasy adventure. Ocean 8 suffered from the same problem, as the heist wasn’t as meticulous or clever as those in the previous trilogy.

However, the all-female crew is so entertaining and the group has so much chemistry, arguably even more chemistry than Danny, Rusty and the rest of the crew. The film has a perfect cast, as it brings together Hollywood heavyweights like Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway with great comedy actors like Awkwafina and Mindy Kaling. Ocean 8 should have been the start of a new franchise, and with a well-written script and an ingenious scheme, a sequel could give Ocean’s Eleven a race for his money.

4 Ocean’s Twelve (2004) – 6.4

Isabel hits the code in Ocean's Twelve

After the success of the 2001 film, it feels Ocean’s Twelve was quickly brought together to capitalize on the quality of its predecessor’s reception. The 2004 film sees Terry Benedict track down the heist team and make them pay back what they stole from him with interest, leading the Ocean crew to pull off several heists internationally, but it’s not as exciting as it sounds.

The movie still has the cool, funny characters that audiences loved from the remake, and that’s really what made the first movie so great. But the jokes and one-liners can only get a movie so far before audiences start to realize that there really isn’t a plot. However, the film still has a large fanbase and many believe Ocean’s Twelve is unfairly overlooked. After all, the heists are as intricate as ever, taking place in Italy and Amsterdam, giving the series a fresh feel.

3 Ocean 11 (1960) – 6.5

Oceans 11 Original 1960

The original 1960 Ocean 11 is certainly entertaining, but it also sounds like a blueprint for the much better 2000s series than a fully fleshed out heist movie. The film sees the Rat Pack cast as the Rogues with Frank Sinatra leading the group as Danny Ocean. It’s essentially the same narrative as the remake, as a group of crooks attempt to rob five casinos simultaneously. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t hit as well as its successor.

The remake brilliantly showed the reasoning behind choosing each of the crew members to join, and the stakes for Danny in the 2001 film were much higher. There’s not much of that in the 1960 version, and it’s hard to connect with any of the characters. The movie is full of nonsense, but there’s so much of it that it feels like it’s trying too hard to make the audience laugh rather than tell a gripping story.

2 Thirteen from the Ocean (2007) – 6.9

Ocean's Thirteen Mat Damon Brad Pitt George Clooney

After the dodgy plot and telephone sensation of Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen is considered a return to form for oceans series. The movie looks like one of the biggest hits, because it’s packed with what fans loved about the 2001 movie. It’s set in Las Vegas, the casino vibe is more prevalent than ever, and Danny and Rusty never most loved/hated. At one point, they’re literally drinking wine, crying, and watching Oprah late at night.

While it might not be the highest rated heist movie on IMDb, Ocean’s Thirteen is as jazzy and slick as the original, and it’s one of the best three movies of all time. The film brings almost everyone back, even those who had small cameos in previous films. It sees Al Pacino take over from Andy Garcia as the show’s villain, and it’s the most fun the veteran actor has had in a role in the 2000s. But as one of the few great things about Ocean’s Twelve was Europol detective and Rusty’s former partner, Isabel Lahiri, she is noticeably absent from the film.

1 Ocean’s Eleven (2001) – 7.7

Ocean's Eleven George Clooney Danny Ocean

Movie stars aren’t as important as they used to be. What sells a movie these days more than anything is ownership. While Chris Pratt is a bankable movie star, which makes jurassic world a multi-billion dollar franchise is the dinosaurs. And although Paul Rudd was voted the sexiest man alive, he’s not the reason most people showed up in droves to see Ghostbusters: Afterlife. However, Ocean’s Eleven is the best example of a bygone era in Hollywood where casting world-class actors guaranteed box office success.

Ocean’s Eleven is one of those rare remakes that is actually better known than the original film. While the 1960 film saw the Rat Pack at its best, the 2001 film brought together the biggest movie stars of the time. But it’s not just the film’s star power that makes it so great. Between the jazzy score, the frenetic editing, and the way the plot was delivered to the audience in a way that made hard-to-understand concepts clear and concise, it’s a masterclass in all aspects of filmmaking. and one of the best action remakes.

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