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Scream is a classic horror movie franchise, and Letterboxd users have rated and reviewed every episode so far.

Wes Craven is one of the most famous horror directors in the world. One of his classics is the Scream franchise, which just released the fifth film, with a sixth on the way. From 1996 with Scream, Wes Craven wanted to make a slasher movie with a meta edge. As the genre felt a bit stale at the time, he wanted to hope for some life.

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Letterboxd moviegoers love to voice their opinions and will rate a movie one to five stars. It gives people a pretty accurate view of what the average movie buff thinks of enjoyment. In this case, they’ve done it with Craven’s memorable franchise, including the most recent entry.

5 Scream 3 (2000) – 2.8

Neve Campbell in Scream 3

The third film in the initial trilogy, Cry 3 sees Sidney, Gale and Dewey reunite in Hollywood on the set of stab 3, the third film inspired by the Woodsboro murders. A new Ghostface killer is on the loose and they want to stop him before the actors in the new movie are all murdered. It is revealed that the killer is Sidney’s half-brother and wants to frame Sydney for the murder of the Hollywood producer who sexually assaulted their mother years ago.

Letterboxd isn’t too kind to the third entry in the Scream franchise. While the humor and meta-contextual story are all present, the package it comes in isn’t as strong as the previous two entries. The revelation that Sydney has a long-lost sibling has not gone down well with Letterboxd users. Cry 3 is often criticized for prioritizing comedy over other Scream films.

4 Scream 2 (1997) – 3.3

scream 2 final mickey killer

At the premiere of Stabthe fiction film based on the events of the first Scream movie, two college students are stabbed to death by a new Ghostface killer. Now a student at Windsor College, Sydney Prescott thinks she has no reason to believe a new killer is on her way. Billy Loomis’ mother, named Debbie Salt, is one of the new killers, hoping to get revenge on Sydney for her son’s death. The other killer, Mickey Altieri, wants to be arrested to blame the media.

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Cry 2 is often considered a good companion to the first film. It builds on what made the first film feel fresh but doesn’t quite capture the magic in its entirety. The unpredictability of who gets killed is a strong selling point, especially when it looks like Dewey was stabbed to death, and the lead trio are still great together.


3 Scream 4 (2011) – 3.3

Scream 4 Kirby and Jill

11 years later Cry 3We Craven returned to the franchise to introduce Ghostface to a new generation of people. Cry 4 features an almost entirely new cast of characters. Sydney is back home promoting her new self-help book when she’s accused of being the new Ghostface. It is theorized that the New Killer is following the rules of a remake and Gale, Dewey and Sydney must once again team up to stop the New Killers. It turns out that Sydney’s cousin, Jill, is jealous of her and has teamed up with her friend to become the franchise’s new “last girl”.

This is mostly seen as a solid entry from Wes Craven, as he seeks to critique the Hollywood trend of horror remakes that were happening at the time. While the new characters don’t quite live up to the original, as the killers aren’t exactly Ghostface’s scariest killers, there’s still plenty to enjoy about Craven’s latest entry in his franchise. of horror.

2 Scream (2022) – 3.5


The fifth entry in the Scream franchise, aptly titled Scream, is the only film at this point not directed by Wes Craven. In this film, Ready or Not Directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, collectively known as Radio Silence, take over for a meta-review on the legacy sequential trend of the day. the original trio are called back into action when a new Ghostface killer begins terrorizing a group of high school kids.

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Although the film doesn’t reach the heights of the first, many of Letterboxd’s critics talk about how it would have made Wes Craven proud. With likeable characters and something meaningful to say, Scream is a worthy entry to the franchise. While some thought the film’s major twists were telegraphed, that didn’t lessen its impact. Scream successfully breathed new life into the franchise.

1 Scream (1996) – 4.0

The Original by Wes Craven Scream follows Sydney Prescott as she begins to be terrorized by a mysterious killer with a Ghostface mask. All she knows is that the murders are somehow connected to her mother, but she doesn’t know why. It turns out that her boyfriend Billy Loomis and his friend Stu Macher are the killers and the only way to get ahead of them is by playing by the rules of a horror movie.

The original is often considered the best, and Letterboxd’s scores reflect that exact point. The reveal of the killers is often singled out at Letterboxd as coming as a shock, especially in the case of Stu’s character. A refreshing reboot of the slasher genre that plays into genre tropes while critiquing, many users find Scream to be one of the best. Even though he’s not remembered as well as Billy, fans still want to see Stu back in Cry 6.

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