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While the Transformers the series has been quiet lately, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is well in production and the original Transformers The film is back in theaters for its 15th anniversary. The Transformers the franchise couldn’t be more interesting right now, as the next film arrives six years after its predecessor, it’s the first not directed by Michael Bay, and it follows the standalone spin-off, Bumblebee.

The next film could go in any direction, and the franchise needs a refreshing new take on the main film. Transformers series, as the films got worse with each consecutive release. But there’s a lot to like about the series. Between a disappointing dinosaur movie, a heartfelt family film, and tons of CGI fests, the Transformers the franchise is a mixed bag.


seven Transformers: The Last Knight (2017) – 5.2

Isabela Merced and Reno Wilson in Transformers The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight is one of the most obnoxious action movies to come out in recent memory, and this time even audiences weren’t fooled by the impressive effects of the trailers. The film somewhat halted the franchise’s trajectory, as the film’s poor box office performance forced Paramount to redesign and restructure the series.

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the last knight only made $600 million worldwide, and while that number seems like a lot, it’s a bummer considering the film cost $260 million to make. It’s even more disastrous considering it’s $500 million less than its predecessor, The age of extinction. However, the failure of this film is to be thanked for the lower scale and surprisingly heartfelt Bumblebeeso he did something right.

6 Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) – 5.6

As critical as the previous two movies were, they still managed to showcase the iconic Transformers. Bumblebee is one of the best robot characters, and he was on full display in every movie, but Transformers: Age of Extinction changes things. The Dinobots were an interesting change of pace from the Decepticons, but that still wasn’t enough to keep the movie from being a cacophony of CGI and impossible-to-follow action.

Not only did the 2014 film introduce the Dinobots, there’s also a whole new cast of human characters, but that’s where the film falls flat. While Shia LaBeouf was traded for a much more charismatic Mark Wahlberg, his performance is more reminiscent of that of The event that The dead. And with an inflated runtime of two hours and 45 minutes, many think that’s a daunting task to get through.

5 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) – 5.9

Optimus Prime in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

After the well-received first film, Transformers: Revenge misunderstood what audiences enjoyed in the original. The sequel doubles down on the messy action and hampers what little plot there is. The film features former Decepticon The Fallen, who wants to destroy the sun and all life on Earth. This premise could have made for an epic sci-fi movie and a sequel worthy of Transformersbut too much CGI, product placement and unnecessary shots of a scantily clad Megan Fox got in the way.

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Bay used IMAX cameras to film some of the action sequences, and it sounds impressive, but it would have had more impact if the audience was connected to what was happening. But the most insulting part of the flap was Skids and Mudflap, two extremely annoying Transformers and some of the worst comic book characters of all time.

4 Transformers: Dark Moon (2011) – 6.2

Shia Labeouf walks through a desk in Transformers Dark of the Moon

Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon is one of those bad movies with great trailers, and the marketing team did a great job of creating an exciting trailer. But the film still has its merits and is far from being the worst Transformers film. After the disappointment Revenge of the Damned, dark of the moon delivered more of the goods that made the first film so great.

The action sequences are actually more consistent than in the previous film, and the jokes land better too. A ton of famous actors also took to the hit film, as well as dark of the moon sports a supporting cast including John Turturro, John Malkovich and Frances McDormand. No one knows how Bay convinced these high-profile artists to star in the film, but it’s a pleasant surprise to see them pop up periodically throughout the 154-minute film.

3 Bumblebee (2018) – 6.7


Bumblebee came as a huge surprise to audiences, and some might have been shocked that it was related to the Transformers franchise. The film is a relatively quiet family film, and it focuses on the main character’s bond with Bumblebee better than any previous version. It beats the 2007 film at its own game, as Charlie’s relationship with the yellow transformer is more engaging and touching than Sam’s.

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Six movies, the series finally features a well-written female character, as Charlie isn’t just a love interest or there to scream at what’s going on, but she’s actually mature, smart, and entertaining. Besides the franchise’s best human character, relatively modest action, and well-crafted storyline, Bumblebee was a brave direction for the series, and the film’s critical success is something Paramount will hopefully learn from.

2 Transformers (2007) – 7.0

Transformers 2007 movie michael bay

2007 Transformers started a multi-billion dollar franchise, but where its sequels were more successful, none of them are more entertaining than the original. The first film in the long-running franchise captivated viewers from the foreground. A tracking shot of the Cube in space narrated by Optimus Prime elicited a sense of wonder that none of the sequels ever did.

Transformers is a faithful adaptation of the source material, the action isn’t overdone, and the film’s music is amazing. More than anything, the film had a creative cast. Bay brought back Peter Cullen, the original voice of Optimus Prime, as well as the cast of Hugo Weaving as Megatron.

1 Transformers: The Movie (1986) – 7.2

Megatron in Transformers: The Movie

transformers: the movie is a cinematic sequel to the original 1980s TV series, but audiences don’t need to have seen the show to appreciate the film. The film even has some of the most high-profile actors of all time, as Orson Welles voices Unicron, a villain and original character from the 1986 release. The film’s hand-drawn animation is so detailed and the voice acting is at a different level than his peers.

The movie is so much fun and a great piece of nostalgia, but it also shows that the franchise was messy and convoluted long before Bay got his hands on the show. Nonstop action and fights fill the movie from start to finish, and even for fans of the TV show, it’s hard to make full sense of what’s going on.

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