Exciting storyline almost spoiled by plots


Movie Title: ‘The Set Up 2’

Release date: August 12, 2022

Duration: 120 minutes.

Director: Niyi Akinmolayan

Cast: Adesua EtomiKehinde Bankole, Nancy Isime, Jim Iyke, Kate Henshaw, Tina Mba, Uzor Arukwe, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Stan Nze, Lota Chukwu and Tope Olowoniyan

When it comes to movies about insecurity, Nollywood is greatly lacking.

This seems counter-intuitive for a country whose fight against insecurity has turned into an all-out war against terrorists in some areas.

‘The Set Up 2’ attempts to fill this apparent void.


It’s been four years since the events of the prequel.

Chike (Adesua Etomi) is hiding somewhere. The Nigerian government wants him dead or incarcerated because of his devious actions of “The Set Up”.

Moreover, she was cut out of her life and her adoptive sister Grace (Kehinde Bankole), who is now married.

To get him to do a job, Usi (Nancy Isime), who now leads Chike’s former gang, kidnaps Grace’s daughter.

This forces Chike and Grace to close ranks and work together as they discover that in Nigeria security forces, gangs, drug lords, politicians, money launderers and terrorists are all cut from the same fabric.

What follows is a series of missions and counter-missions. Will there be redemption for Chike, or is she still the same kingpin of the underworld?


For an industry saturated with a lot of party-themed stories or the same ordinary weed-to-grace stories, “The Set Up 2” is fresh air.

It is all the more so as the scenario considerably improves its prequel.

The main actors of Set Up 2 Adesua Etomi, Kehinde Bankole and Nancy Isime
The main actors of Set Up 2 Adesua Etomi, Kehinde Bankole and Nancy Isime

True to its name, the film has multiple layers of setups.

In “The Set Up 2”, the US government asks Chike to exfiltrate an arms dealer, Mayowa Kuku. In the process, Usi tracks her down and gets her to do another job.

This upsets the Department of Security (DOS) who pushes her to redeem herself or go to prison. There is an escape during which she realizes she has been working for the wrong people.

The twist goes on and on.

The use of military gadgets, security surveillance and spy gadgets, airdrops, body armor and night vision goggles, combined with brilliant acting, helped support the story.

Although “The Set Up 2” is a great watch, it can also be improved.

1- Potholes

The film is full of plot holes, some of which may not be noticeable to non-prying eyes.

Usi and his team ask Chike to orchestrate the takedown of Igwe Macintosh. This results in the removal of Igwe Macintosh (Blossom Chukwujekwu), a money launderer for terrorists and criminal gangs.

To carry out the deed, they trick him into believing that they are working with the Nigerian and US governments. It was later discovered that he was an undercover agent for DOS.

How does an undercover agent not know he’s being taken for a ride?

2- Small details

The lack of attention to small details almost spoils what would have been a good movie.

The implementation 2 main actors
The implementation 2 main actors

As an example, Usi and his gang hit Grace’s apartment covertly. In the process, things spiral out of control. There is an altercation. Much destruction is done and the baby is forcibly taken from its parents.

But the baby doesn’t make a sound. Simulating baby crying would have helped sell the scene better. And that’s just one of the many details the director hasn’t overlooked.

3- Uninteresting combat sequence

While the fight scenes were understandably crucial to the film, the actors failed to deliver in this regard. Naturally, they did not know any fighters.

It is time for Nollywood to start exploring the services of emerging combat dance groups to give these scenes some reality.

Also, the use of stunt doubles is another thing the industry should start exploring.


Nollywood has few movies that dwell on insecurity and terrorism. And even when that’s the case, it’s usually from the perspective of the victims.

Yes, ‘The Set Up 2’ is not a true story, and some aspects of the plot may seem far-fetched, but as is commonly believed, fiction is the precursor to reality.

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