Fans of beloved Disney characters think they deserve their own movie


One now deleted user on Reddit posted images of Gramma Tala from “Moana”, Grandma Willow from “Pocahontas” and Grandma Fa from “Mulan”, suggesting the three should get their own movie. Fans immediately responded enthusiastically.

The highest rated comment by u/KesInTheCity expressed great interest, who said it would be “like Disney’s version of Golden Girls”. U/sparks0589 couldn’t contain their excitement, saying, “Ouissss sassy grannies for the win!” another deleted user also weighed in, imagining how awesome the soundtrack would be, considering all three characters are featured in some of the studio’s best-known musical productions.

Other reviewers have tried to imagine what the film’s story might look like, with a largely spiritual angle. U/TheTriniTrin says, “What if all the Disney Grandmas were the same soul and they just moved on to other Disney worlds when they ‘died’!” U/PANICitsASHY fleshed it out further by saying, “They could all be spiritually connected and seek comfort in each other as they help guide their families through each of these stages.” [their] trips.”

Why stop at just three? Editors love u/Jtsprz, u/X_TOHand u/Disneyaubrey suggest bringing in Mama Coco (“Coco”), Tanana (“Brother Bear”) and Mama Odie (“The Princess and the Frog”). With these fiery, wise, all-powerful women on screen, it would provide a nice diversion from your typical youth-led Disney movie. With an audience age range that mostly caters to younger and middle-aged people (via Insider information) this idea could ask the audience to step into the shoes of a different generation, allowing a wide range of storytelling possibilities to be explored. The adventures they would go on would be anything but sedentary, and we’re more than here for that.


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