Filmmaker Niyi Akinmolayan laments the lack of film marketing companies


Filmmaker Niyi Akinmolayan on Saturday lamented the lack of film marketing companies in Nollywood.

He noted that although Nollywood accounted for 40% of the Nigerian box office, there was no dedicated marketing company for the films.

In a Twitter thread on Saturday, the Anthill Studios founder called on marketing companies to incorporate Nollywood films into their business.

He tweeted: “It is 2022. Nollywood is 40% of the Nigerian box office. However, we do not have a marketing structure dedicated to films.

“Most movies in theaters have marketing spend of at least 15 million naira. Some reach up to N30-N40m. Half of that money is wasted because producers don’t really know what works.

“You don’t have to build from scratch. If you are an already existing marketing business, you can expand your business to accommodate Nollywood movies.

“You have to study the industry well, because films are not commodities like food. Lots of emotionally charged marketing. The public is crazy.

“Film distributors are not well equipped for this. But it is also an opportunity for a startup. How can you best position a film to be exciting for the audience?

“It’s true that a good film will be helped by word of mouth but a good film could lose its opening weekend because nobody knew it existed. Think about these things.

“I am ready to work with a marketing company that takes up this challenge for my future films.

“I really want to make movies…and while I’m really good at getting everyone excited to see my movie, it takes up too much time and energy that I could be using for other things.”

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