Flying motorcycles: something from a bad 1980s sci-fi movie or the future of commuting? | Transportation


Last name: Xturismo.

Age: A little less than a year.

Appearance: The future of aviation as we know it.

Wow, a zero-emission aircraft? Well, no, we’re not there yet, but it’s still very exciting.

Why? It’s – understand – a flying motorcycle!

Okay, that’s very cool. I bet it looks amazing. I mean, lower your expectations a bit. Maybe “flying motorcycle” was overselling it a bit. In truth, it’s a little more “massive drone welded to a jetski”.

But it can fly! This is still a big step forward! Yes, that’s very true. This week, its manufacturer, Aerwins, unveiled it at the North American Auto Show, where it was greeted with colossal enthusiasm.

Wait, revealed this week? You said he was a year old. Sorry, I meant it was released to the US public this week. It has been on sale in Japan since last fall.

Why is Japan having fun? Because Japan is one of the only countries that doesn’t classify the Xturismo as an aircraft, so you don’t need a flight license there.

So everyone in Japan has their own private Xturismo to fly? No. There are still regulations. So while anyone in Japan can technically own an Xturismo, they are only allowed to fly it at racetracks.

It won’t help with the ride. This will be the case if you live at the start of a racetrack and work halfway around the same track. You haven’t thought of that, have you?

But is that the only downside? Yes, that and the fact that Aerwins only makes 200.

Oh. And they cost around £680,000 each.

Good God. But that’s okay, because Aerwins still considers this a proof of concept. By 2025, it plans to launch a smaller all-electric version of the Xturismo which costs just £43,000. For comparison, that’s about half the price of a new Range Rover.

OKAYaccessible personal air travel we arrive! As long as you have a flight license, yes.

OKAY. And the Civil Aviation Authority is revising its existing legislation to monitor and manage thousands of personally piloted drones in the country’s airspace.

OKAY. And you don’t mind looking like a two-bit henchman from a terrible mid-budget 1980s sci-fi movie, because that seems to be the aesthetic of the Xturismo ad campaign.

Alright then, I’m leaving. Me too. I’ll stick to my hoverboard, thanks.

Say: “Soon we’ll all have our own matte black flying motorcycle drone.”

Do not tell : “Looks like dystopia-chic is going to be the hot look of 2025.”


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