For National Movie Day, SOME theaters in Portland will be offering $3 admission


On Saturday, September 3, many theaters across the country will only charge $3 for tickets to their shows, part of a new holiday called National Movie Day. The new holiday is much like Record Store Day for cinemas, as it draws audiences into cinemas, hoping they will make it a habit.

Cinema Foundation President Jackie Brenneman called the new initiative a “‘thank you’ to moviegoers.” Cinema Foundation is a new non-profit arm of the National Association of Theater Owners (yes, NATO, but not this NATO), launched in March 2022 to help “build the NATO mission”. Planning for National Movie Day seems to be one of them, although the implementation has been a bit sticky.

The good news: It’s not just for movie channels. Many, but not all, Portland independent theaters are considering participating. The news eh: Which? WE HAVE CHECKED.

5th Avenue Cinema: Participant. “We are already free for PSU students and alumni,” the 5th Avenue coordinator told the Mercury. “[But] we just got the right to participate. We show The Green Ray on 35mm!”

The Academy Theatre: Participant.

Avalon: NOPE. However, it seems fair to point out that ticket prices at the Avalon already cap at $5.75 for adults – $1.75 on Wednesdays.

Baghdad Theater: All McMenamins Theaters are participating. They really went for it and created a new “just for fun” stamp for their passport booklet.

Cinema 21: Free pass for ticket buyers. “We sort of lost track of the timing earlier this month when we went on sale for tickets to Kieslowski’s [Three Colors] trilogy,” Cinema 21 owner Tom Ranieri told the Mercury. “So all tickets will be regular priced, but we plan to give ticket buyers a pass to a future movie at C21 that day.”

Cinemagic: NOPE.

Clinton Street Theatre: NOPE.

Hollywood Theatre: Participant, WITH CAUTION. Hollywood rep Alison Hallett (who was once the Mercury‘s Arts Editor) explained, “Movies in Hollywood will cost $3 that day, except for Electionwhich has live comedy in front of it, hence the regular price.”

Laurelhurst Theatre: Participant.

Living room theatres: Participant.

Kennedy School: All McMenamins Theaters are participating.

Royal Fox Tower: All of your Regals participate.

Royal place of the pioneers: All of your Regals participate.

Studio 1: Do not participate. Theater co-owner Rudyard Coltman said he plans to hold food and drink specials in honor of the day, and Saturday still has $6 brunch screenings from 9 a.m. to noon, but they do not plan to adjust ticket prices.

St. Johns Twin Cinema and Pub: Participant.

St. Johns Theater and Pub: All McMenamins Theaters are participating.


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